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Matt and Amy Roloff divorce questions; marriage problems....frequently asked question

Updated: Sept 7, 2010 -- Amy Roloff answers the question about the divorce speculation:

We have decided to do a session of frequently asked questions and today we will tackle the hot topic concerning the Roloffs of the past few months, the issue fans inquire the most about the Roloff family. According to our site data, it used to be connected to the National Enquirer article labelling Jeremy Roloff as a racist and a gay bashing bigot because of comments he made on his Myspace page, however that has been surpassed by inquiries by people wondering about if the Roloffs are divorcing, Matt and Amy marriage problems, questions if the Roloffs are now divorced, etc.

We will just lay out the information and let you the reader form your own opinion. So...

Are the Roloffs divorcing? Matt and Amy's marital problems? Roloff family getting divorced?

This is what you should know:

As of January 2010, no, the Roloffs are not divorced. Matt and Amy are still married.

You should also know that, Matt through his online outlets, multiple times, has said things which essentially suggest that in "real reality" everything is fine in their marriage and nothing unusual is going on in their marriage. Matt basically suggests that the show Little People, Big World is misleading the viewers into thinking the problems are more catastrophic than they are for the purpose of ratings and a plot.

These quotes are from Matt Roloff:

"I think the show is playing it up to make it look like it's more than it is. Amy and I are both definitely going through some changes. But I think they are making those changes look more like marital problems. Amy's doing more on her own. She went from being a school teacher and now she's out and about more and doing her own thing.

But no, I wouldn't say we are going through marital problems as much as I would say changes as individuals like anyone goes through. The only difference with us is that people have a chance to watch and dissect us. Which is what we signed up to do. A lot of marriages go through changes and you never get to see it. Even close friends may not see it. But in our case, we have cameras here to see it. You're getting the luxury of seeing it good, bad or indifferent. Amy and I are deeply committed to each other and I don't think that it's as catastrophic as people may think." --Matt Roloff - Nov 2009

"Amy and I are enjoying and making the most of this unique quiet time. We realize more and more how essential spending uninterrupted time together is. It is wonderful to just catch up with each other and plan private evenings going out to dinner or a movie." -- Matt Roloff - Dec 2009

If that is true though, I wouldn't be so quick to say Matt and Amy Roloff are innocents here and blame big bad TLC editing for deceiving the audience while the Roloffs, authors of the book "Little People, Big Values", have no part in tricking viewers into thinking the Roloffs might be divorcing or are, at the very least, having serious problems in their marriage.

The Roloff family have been involved with Discovery Communications/TLC since 2003 and continue to sign contracts with TLC. Matt and Amy Roloff have been and are currently listed as producers of Little People, Big World. Viewers are not dreaming up the marriage problems out of thin air. The show that Matt and Amy are helping produce, has included segments depicting Amy becoming emotional and shedding tears on camera when discussing their marriage. Amy stating they have lost the friendship in their marriage. Zach stating the divide between Matt and Amy have become greater than ever recently. Both Matt and Amy repeatedly on camera have said they're drifting apart and they don't know what will happen in the future...that is sort of the catch line of the entire 5th season viewers are currently watching them discuss their marriage 'I don't know what will happen in the future' (insert dramatic and sad music)...

If Matt is accurate when he implies that their marriage is just fine, then basically the Roloffs are deceiving the viewers, playing the "Keep watching to see if we divorce" game because the Roloffs will do anything to keep the show on the air because the money, fame and perks that come with it are not something they want to see end.

The second school of thought is that Matt's suggestions that it's all editing and things are fine in the marriage are not accurate and it's just Matt's pride and ego speaking, because who wants the world to think that they have a failing marriage?

There is a popular theory that Matt and Amy are "emotionally" divorced and the problems the viewers are seeing on the show are indeed real however the Roloffs won't divorce either:

1. To keep the show going because they are so attached to the money and opportunity (other business ventures: the public speaking, the huge crowds at Pumpkin Season, the freebies, the free vacations, and the overall perks fame) they receive from the show. Everyone saw what happened to Jon and Kate Gosselin when they filed for divorce. Their show is over and they went through intense public scrutiny.

2. Because of their religious beliefs or like many, staying together for the kids sake.

3. The house is so big and Amy is so involved with her Charity Foundation, speaking engagements, interviews, radio shows, her solo trips with friends and crew, the kids...why bother divorcing and risk having all of the money and opportunity come to an end when they could live separate lives, while still "together"? Let's face it, the Roloffs are living the celebrity life, not a normal life. Jeremy and Zach will turn 20 years old in 5 months and neither have really had a 'real' job - yet they're bank accounts are full and they have every car, toy, free ticket they desire - they have fun time, all the time (throw in a few classes at the local community college -- PCC). Would Matt and Amy risk having their celebrity life end by actually divorcing?

So that is essentially the best way we can answer questions about Matt and Amy's marriage and if they are divorcing. They are still married. Off the show, Matt implies that the marriage is fine and "the show" (which Matt and Amy help produce) is playing up the drama. Other people believe what is portrayed on the show is real and they're just staying together for the above reasons.

You can form your own conclusion and decide what you believe :-)


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Fred in Texas said...

Matt is a genius!

Everybody rides his coat tails. Mom is an undermining, resentful person. She would be nowhere without Matt. LITTLE SHORT ZACK is the spitting image of his mother. Jeremy and Molly have potential but need to move away. The youngest is simply a victum of Mom's dysfunctunality.

Keep on trucking Matt, get rid of your loser wife. She will never change! Live alone or move in with Molly and Jeremy away from the losers. Good luck my buddy. You are 6 feet tall to me, a real man in this crazy world.

Anonymous said...

This family started out being caring and more loving at the start of the show, but as the kids have grown up and had very little discipline or direction for their lives, and I have watched the non-chalant attitude from AMY towards Matt? There were some real problems that never seem to be addressed! The kids did what they wanted, no chore list for thier rooms, or the household. When Mat tryed to put his foot down, the twins half-way listened!? They need some real councling! Money can go to your head and this show and KATE'S Show is all tell, tell.

Gin said...

My husband and I have watched LPBW for years. The Roloffs seem to be in a pickle that they brewed, themselves. Yes, Amy does have to put up with a lot from Matt. I think he thrives on "poor little me. I...I...I..." I'm not entirely sure why Matt has to have a hand in every single detail of the family. Yet, for the bigger things, he's digging holes or building more strange buildings that need constant upkeep. He's always coming up with something else for HIM to accomplish and Amy & their kids are drug along to clean up behind him and deal with it all. It seems like he's writing checks his family can't cash. If they are concerned about the cash flow, why's he always getting into something else that sucks more money out? Moving a huge Ark replica onto their farm is another such thing. After the money issues, why are they so content with having hordes of strangers traipsing through their property, seeing the cute stuff, along side half completed, roped off mounds of dirt? I mean, there's Cowboy Town up there, the Pirate ship, and then a disaster area. Did they forget the trebuchet thing? With so many people roving about their property, shouldn't they be concerned with safety and all those holes, all the unfinished stuff? Then there's Amy's issues. Yea, Matt is always rushing off with his head in the clouds, but does that mean she needs to lie down and let the kids go hog wild? What are they being taught? Zach didn't know how to use a phone book @ 16 years old! She doesn't need to rush off on her jaunts, just because Matt does. It's like, "well he got to go out and play, I want my time on the playground too!" Somebody has to be the adult. The kids just play both ends against the middle. They use the seesawing of their parents to slide out of doing their fair share.
In all, I think the Roloffs have created a monster they are finding hard to control.

Tribalmask said...

The things that I have noticed about the show is matt's lack of comitment to his family. In one episode matt told Amy that his reason for exsiting is to make the things on the farm and the running of the farm. People talk about matt's accomplishments on the farm by building all these things, a castle, bridge, pirate ship, western town, etc... what has matt actually done, he has not built anything himself. He hires people to do it for him and takes the credit. I haven't seen him even hold a hammer never mind use one, so what exactly has he done. He hired people to do the work, thats all he has done.
As far as the house being a mess, well the boys are old enough to help out, but they can't even keep their own room decent never mind clean, I can understand why Amy doesn't do a lot herself, she has probably given up in a way. Hell they can't even turn the dishwasher on and then put the clean dishes away. The twins are what 20 years old and have never had a job, although they do work on the farm, but they are old enough now to be supporting themselves. I started working a fulltime job at 16 and still had school.
The money the kids are making from the show might be a detriment in the long run. Since they have probably a good amount of money, what are their goals for the future?? Remain teenagers and have fun for the next ten years, at 20 they should either be fulltime students or have fulltime jobs. It seems like they don't want either one, that they are content to live at home and do nothing with their lives besides sit at home or go and hang out...
Molly seems to be the only one thinking of her future, after high school.
The show just bugs me now and seems to have no direction besides keeping it going and the big money coming in...
Not a fan anymore, the show has outlived its purpose and is now just about the drama and the money.... Pathetic and sad..

tribalmask said...

To fred in texas. You are a MORON.... matt is far from a genious, he is like a child wanting to play and have everything his way. He spends a lot of money on nothing like that amazing 6 minute movie. God that was terrible..
Fred I believe you to be like matt, blame other people for your problems and unhappiness. What do you think that Amy should be barefoot and in the kitchen saying yes masser no masser to what ever matt says. Should she not do somethings that she wants to do because matt might have to make his own dinner or his own laundry or clean up after himself....
Wow I thought chauvinist pigs were a thing mostly in the past, but you just proved that your kind is still around...
The "losers" are the ones like you and matt. The ones that put their wants and needs before everyone else's. I guess you and matt have to stroke your little ego's and very low selfesteem by blaming others for the problems and putting yourself above even you kids. God I hope you haven't bred fred. There is enough stupidity in the world already without people like you breeding and spreading the stupidity....
We can only hope you don't have kids fred from texas...
So sad

BeckyM said...

I do believe there is enough evidence from the filming of the show, over the course of years, tho show that the Roloff marriage is not one to emulate or admire. There is fault on both sides IMO.

Matt - he frequently does projects without consulting his wife and partner, not only for the business but also involving their private lifes. Matt favors some children (Jeremy and Molly) over others (Zach and Jacob); he starts projects (some of them quite large, involved and expensive) and never finishes them. He's a talker, not a doer. Personally, that would drive me crazy even if all other factors of his personality were removed.

Matt is a passive-aggressor who seems to be a narcissitic personality. It's never his fault, others are crazy not him, and he definitely likes to foster a false public image of the "positive minded against all odds" kinda guy that looking at facts is simply not true.

Amy's issues is that she has allowed Matt to get away with this crap and now is trying to break free. Nothing wrong with that except she's gotten too aggressive in how she views the world, treats people, and her mothering skills, just like Matt's fathering skills, are inept and ineffectual. Like too many mothers who don't know how to discipline or set boundaries, she now is throwing up her hands and going "oh my nothing I can do, I'm an empty nester" while Jacob spins out of control. Amy puts on a nice facade to the public while her inner world is crumbling.

Both should be in counseling on communication (stop the passive aggressive, insulting comments about your spouse Matt - stop letting Matt be a little boy to be disciplined Amy). And both should have had counseling long ago about how to effectively raise their children.

Oh well, probably if the show would really go away, the marriage would eventually break up as Jacob ends his high school. As long as they are filming they will hold on to the fakeness for the $$. These two have little affection, respect or compassion for each other and court documents show that Matt has cut Amy out of his life (i.e. office access).

Anonymous said...

Honestly it appears that there are more people who feel Amy is getting the short end of the stick. I feel for Matt. Amy seems always resentful, and angry no matter what and that is hard to watch. He is a dreamer and that is an awesome thing especially if you are like him and don't just dream but actually make that dream come true.

Anonymous said...

I feel the show has become like most of the shows on tv FAKE If someone talked to me like matt did he wouldn't be there anymore but of course my kids wouldn't have the lack of respect that they do. This is for the money and for viewers to take sides. I was all for the fact about Amy not wanting to spend all that money redoing the house just the kitchen to save money but of course he did it anyway. they are probably so far in debt because he spends so much they have to come up with something to keep the veiwers watching.I use to love the show but its none believeable anymore. Matt likes to spend money to do all these projects but wants to boss people around and make his family poorer. Amy needs to take a long hard look and make up her mind if she likes living like she does.
None of them are perfect but I haven't seen her spending that money like he does and he's doing it for himself. I know my husband wouldn't fix any part of our house if I didn't take care of it what would be the point just wasted money.

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