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New Little People, Big World Episode Nov 29, 2016

Here is a review of the new episode of Little People, Big World featuring the Roloff family which aired last night on TLC.


Review By Rap541

Ah the rerun before the new episode. I find it hilarious that Amy uses the upstairs banister as a drying rack/random clothes hanging area. It’s also just sad that Amy intentionally reaches out to Matt to ask him what she needs to know about the farm and he pointedly dismisses her. Such a good guy. In the spirit of pointing out weird contrived stuff, am I the only one not buying the whole “we bought a bed that does cool stuff and its literally been sitting in it’s box for years” routine.

In a bonus scene, Amy chats with her frien Lisa. They exchange tidbits about the kids. Amy seems to not be expecting grandchildren. In a bonus scene we have Matt suffering. There’s also a bonus scene of Matt and Zach chatting on the phone, While I don’t think Zach bore the load of the farm while Matt was away, at least he showed up. Oh and not only did Jeremy miss out on stepping up to take on the farm while Matt was away, he also managed to absent himself from the tragedy of Camerino leaving. But these things were likely hard, and if it’s hard, then Jeremy finds something more fun to do. Point – I think Matt’s so upset about Camerino leaving because at the end of the day, who was helping Daddy Matt out of the van on his return from the hospital. Lil hint – it was the deported Mexican and not the precious golden son. I think per instragram, Jeremy was finding it much more important to check out bed and breakfasts with Audrey in the south.  Oh and people who bitch? Jeremy actually says he hadn’t been to the farm in a month and hadn’t seen his dad since before the surgery.

So Amy was about to drop a bomb, a letter bomb, on Matt. And the previously bits totally reveal that there’s been some sort of fuck up with the farm’s water rights. Not sure why we’re bothering with the dramatics… and this is seriously a complete redo of the last five minutes of the prior episode. Matt does note that if he’s not careful, he could still be paralyzed. But the farm needs him! Because god knows Jeremy isn’t stepping up.

Basically they are ordered to not use their well because their permits aren’t in order. Amy and Matt both commiserate that crap is being pulled.

Meanwhile Zach and Tory are happily married. Tori is teaching and Zach is now head coach at the gym place. They want to do something fun for their anniversary but Zach worries about leaving Dad alone while still recovery. Oh, now Zach is doing one of the private tours. There’s a lot of nattering about the tours and then Zach leaves the guests on the private tour to tend to Matt being an asshole as Matt is now getting into his Mule to ride around because he just has to!

Because this isn’t ridiculous. (rolls eyes)

Matt justifies his selfish stupid behavior with how he NEEDS to see the farm. Zach is all “ I will call Jeremy”.
Amy meanwhile is back to getting into shape.  I find it hilarious that Amy of the cookbook can’t even use the blender. Amy then makes a smoothie for Andre the Giant and somehow adds maple syrup. Yeah um….
Jeremy shows up for an afternoon of filming. The western town is like…. Completely covered with rotten apples. They chitchat about how the first year of marriage is good and how lazy they are. Jeremy agrees to cover for Zach when Zach takes Tory away.

Now Bill is the new Mike/Sven/Camerino. Matt pleads and whines for Bill to drive him around the farm to see how everything is dying. Matt’s not supposed to leave the house but sure enough now we’re driving Matt around the farm. There’s dying pumpkin plants everywhere… except that the field being looked at seems to be like, three rows of pumpkin plants in an otherwise completely empty plowed brown dirt field.

Now Jeremy and Zach are watering a small patch of pumpkins while Matt harps at them on a loudspeaker.

Amy and Tory chat and Amy asks what they are up to. Tory has planned to take Zach to the hotel they went to on their wedding night. Amy doesn’t remember what she did on their first anniversary and thinks its great the kids have passion. Tory and Amy do seem to get along well.

Zach and Tori have a lot of crap in their garage and drive a mom van. Amy has a friend over and they’re drinking vodka for their diets? Interesting. Amy worries about her health and wants to maintain her body. 

New friend Divorcee is all “lets get you a man!”. Amy is all “what is dating like now?”

On the Zach and Tory tour. They go to the beach from the movie Goonies, I think. Interestingly, Tory is all “this first year hasn’t been a battle or a nightmare where we have to fight for our marriage daily”.  Hehe.

Now Zach and Tory are camping. Zach is all “I want kids but lets wait a year” and Tory is all “but I have baby fever”. And Zach nicely sums up the reality that Matt spent more time working than being a dad and Amy resented it and they had kids right away and that’s all they ever focused on instead of each other. Hmm… why aren’t Zach and Tory doing a marriage blog?

Amy is dating and feeling under-confident. Matt is doing therapy and continues to harp on how he could be paralyzed and yet he’s also freaking out over the farm.

Amy is off to some artsy Portland date scene. Amy is as always worried that she’s the shortest in the room and is intimidated. Amy’s friend is all “everyone is single! Go grab some cock!” But Amy is scared and worried about protocol. Amy, just put your hand on the guy’s lap. Now the date leader is all “Match up! Paint stuff! Go home with your new partner!”

Tory and Zach are in the van and now because he’s getting irritable, she springs how 'we’re not going home, Zach, we’re going to the streets of Portland to score some heroin'.

Amy gets hooked up with a man. He seems nice. The Bob Ross imitator is fun. Amy’s new man is slopping it on. Amy seems a little drunk on this date and seems to think the Mona Lisa is in Italy. Then they start painting each other and then writhe with sexual heat. Or alcohol, it’s hard to say.

Zach and Tory get a nice hotel room. Tory totally has baby fever. Amy sent a cake topper for them to eat.
Now there’s a miracle of rain! Except that we really never got an idea of what happened with the water to begin with. I mean,  it was all so quiet. This sort of thing doesn’t really sneak up on you.

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More On Roloff Family Farmhand Camerino's Deportation To Mexico -- Drug Charges

The most recent episode of "Little People, Big World" featuring the Roloff family on TLC, featured the heart-wrenching story of their long time farmhand finding out that he was being deported back to Mexico. The emotional episode featured tearful goodbyes between Camerino and Amy and Matt Roloff.

Matt Roloff has a petition asking fans to sign to stop the deportation of Camerino and demand a review of the case.

There is a publicly available legal document that may shed more light on the situation.

In his petition, Matt Roloff does mention this:

"Then nine years ago Camerino was falsely accused and convicted of drug possession. New evidence has since come to light that will overturn his conviction if only the immigration officials would review his case.
But ICE doesn’t seem to want to investigate or know the facts or care that how this attorney negatively affected his right to fair consideration."

 The legal document can be found here:

We encourage you to read it for yourself and form your own conclusions. 

However, I think it is interesting because what was portrayed on the show was of course not the whole story in the case and the reason for the deportation.

Basically to summarize, basically, 9 years ago Camerino was convicted of "unlawful possession of cocaine, driving under the influence of intoxicants, and reckless driving, arising out of an incident in which he drove his car into a ditch."

Police arrived and the vehicle was partially on the road and partially in the ditch. The police determined that the car needed to be towed. Before towing, police performed a search and found cocaine.

The document states the police gave Camerino his Miranda warnings in English and Camerino proceeded to make incriminating statements.

They are arguing that Camerino's lawyer failed to argue that the search of the vehicle was invalid because the car was not a hazard and didn't need to be towed and therefore searched. They also argue that Camerino's lawyer should have had him tested for English proficiency to demonstrate that he couldn't understand his Miranda warnings.

After the crash, Camerino called Matt Roloff. Matt arrived and states he saw the position of the vehicle before it was towed. Matt wanted to testify that the vehicle was not a hazard, did not need to be towed by police, therefore the search of the vehicle when they found cocaine was illegal. Matt says he and his son could have towed the vehicle. Police say the Roloffs never made their presence known to them. 

Now in his petition, Matt states that new evidence has come to light that could overturn Camerino's conviction if they would hear the case. 

We just think it is an interesting document for people to read. It gives a different picture of the case simply because the television episode never mentioned a drug possession charge as a reason why he was being deported.


Frequent contributor Rap541 has read through the entire document and here is Rap's take on the case:

So Spirit asked me to do a little write up of the Camerino situation and what we know versus what was presented on the show. I think a lot of you have rehashed it a bit but I will sum it up. I am working with the legal pdf link and Matt’s petition link. I also went to the US government’s website about temporary and permanent resident status

Something we know: There was something wrong with Camerino’s legal status. I am so not going to present myself as a legal expert on immigration. Here’s what I have gleaned. Per the petition link, Camerino came to the United States 24 years ago.  He has worked for Matt Roloff for 17 years.

Something we don’t know – What Camerino’s legal status originally was. Let me be blunt, Camerino seems like a nice guy but I doubt he came in on a special highly skilled work visa. No *Roloff* has been willing to outline what the problem was with Camerino’s . Some anonymous people are claiming that Camerino had a legit temporary worker permit but per the immigration website, they have to be renewed.

Something we know: Camerino had a problem with his legal status BEFORE his arrest and conviction for drug possession. Now in fairness, I am making a leap in logic here so some of you may want to pick at it but here goes. In the petition Matt set up, Matt discusses how he as Camerino’s employer was helping to sponsor him and seek permanent residence. Matt then goes into a lengthy sob story how an unnamed incompetent lawyer stole all of Camerino’s money and basically did a shit job in helping Camerino become a legal resident. Matt’s basic whine on this point is that Camerino is being punished for this unnamed person’s incompetence. This all took place before the drug arrest as if it hadn’t, then Camerino would have had legal status and it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Something we don’t know: If anything other than “Camerino didn’t have legal residency status when he was arrested from drug possession” is true. Guys, the petition had a whole lot of whining about this lawyer and how she was forced to resign from the Oregon Bar rather than be disbarred and how other clients were also mishandled. We don’t know her name, because even though its not libel if it’s true, Matt won’t share that

Something else we don’t know: Despite Matt’s whining, we really have no idea what ICE’s opinion of Camerino’s case is and in fact Matt probably isn’t helping Camerino when he states as a fact that ICE wants to sweep this bad lawyering under the rug. Here’s a fact – ICE has no idea what this lawyer may or may not have done and likely doesn’t care about whether or not this person may have been disbarred because their job isn’t to play these games. They assess cases put before them and Camerino’s situation doesn’t sound noteworthy.

Something we know *now*: Camerino was convicted of drug possession about nine years ago.

Something we don’t know at all: That Camerino was falsely convicted. In fact, aside from Matt stating this, there is utterly no evidence of that. As described in the appeal, drugs were found on Camerino, and in the car, and Camerino made incriminating comments.

Something else we don’t know: What the incredible new evidence is that would overturn Camerino’s conviction. Now personally, I don’t think there’s any new evidence at all, but if you’re going to *say* this, then people are going to expect… wait for it, new evidence that would overturn the drug possession conviction.

If there really was shocking new evidence, Matt should be braying like an ass to local news media. As it is, the appeal we can see (and I assume there were others frankly, but this is the one we have access to) isn’t even disputing the basic facts, that Camerino was found with coke in the car. It was basically trying to get things overturned based on procedural issues – should the car have been towed and did Camerino speak English well enough to understand his rights.

Now, I think I know what Matt is trying to do and it’s irritating because he’s using his fan base without actually presenting all the facts. If we went by what we saw on the show, poor Camerino is just the sad victim of the big bad government, going after a hard working man who maybe made some mistakes filling out his paper work. If you just watched the show, that’s all you would know. And if you just read the petition, you would think Matt is fighting the good fight in a just cause. When in reality – there’s no reason except “illegal use” for Camerino to have cocaine. It’s not pot – if this was a pot bust, I’d actually agree that the government was being unfair. But… its cocaine. It sucks for Camerino that he made such a stupid decision but you don’t “accidentally” end up with cocaine.

Matt is basically trying for a sympathy dance to save Camerino. I get it. Camerino is his friend and honestly, I can’t fault him for trying. But it’s also classic Matt grifting. At this point, unless the police all confess to lying, the drug conviction isn’t going to be overturned. And that’s what’s screwing Camerino because it’s a pretty instant rejection to stay if he has a drug possession felony. 

Matt’s not very well thought out argument is to basically try and throw paint on that basic fact, that Camerino was convicted of drug possession. That’s not going away so Matt is dragging up this unnamed lawyer who was working on Camerino’s case BEFORE the drug conviction and saying “if she hadn’t messed it up, Camerino would have already been legal and this petty conviction wouldn’t matter”… which is true but is also a whole lotta coulda shoulda woulda and belies the reality that if Camerino entered the country 24 years ago, he had a huge amount of time to get his status in order BEFORE the drug conviction.

It’s a shame and I feel bad for his family but as presented, Camerino made his bed and has to lie in it. And Matt really needs to stop presenting half truths and whining as fact. This was intentionally misleading on his part and while I am not surprised at all that he appears to be fine with his employees using coke, I do tire of his “we’re just good old decent farm folk” routine. Those of you who insist he’s the epitome of all that is good and Christian, you really need to address if you’re ok with the notion that the employees of fun family friendly Roloff Farms have a boss they can call who will come help them when they are busted for cocaine possession. Because really – that’s part of whats been going on behind the scenes.

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New Episode of Little People, Big World, November 22, 2016

This is a discussion and review of the new episode of Little People, Big World, featuring the Roloff Family. The new season began last night November 22nd, 2016 on TLC.


Review by Rap541

Ah so here we are again. I have a new computer. I also have a cold but there’s orange juice and bananas and for a change this show isn’t on three minutes before midnight. There’s some sort of two hour recap show on before the new episode. I might do highlights, I might not. My vibe on it is that we’re going to get yet more rehashes of the weddings and the divorce. If btw you need a fun show to watch, I recommend Good Behavior on TNT. It has Michelle Dockery playing a meth addict.

Yeah, its mostly the last episodes of last season with bonus scenes. Hey in case you need something to watch, there’s also endless Criminal Minds reruns on Tuesdays on Ion.

First bonus scene is all about emeralds and Zach learning about emeralds. This is vaguely familiar, like we did see it before and in fact as we watch, yes these are basically it, although in the previews at the very end, it looks like Matt is building a prepper shelter. Because why not?

We start with credits. No discernable differences, as in Tory and Audrey still aren’t on cast.  Matt lets us know the farm is still happening and even tho we saw him rolling into surgery in the last episode, we get a complete rehash of Matt is considering/needing surgery. This is made worse that we just saw this prior episode. Matt is wanting some family unity and worries about paralysis. He is leaving but leaving Camerino in charge. I bet this ends badly for Camerino.

Amy plays with her dog Felix. I find the name funny for obvious reasons. Amy is still having an existential crisis over her status as not a wife and no longer needed as a mom. She’s suddenly worried about the farm. And now we’re at Tori and Zach’s place. They love being married and they have a baby Cylon, aka a Roomba.  Zach is planning to clean the farm before Matt’s surgery, which feels like Hercules cleaning the Augean stables but ok.

Jer and Auj meanwhile are married in Bend. They love skiing and camping and lament how they don’t have kids. Jer isn’t ready to move back to the farm even though he expects the farm to be given to him and natters how he might show up during the surgery stuff.

One week before the surgery (again hilarious because of the last episode of Matt rolling into surgery). Amy is trying and Matt is basically “I don’t want to tell you as there’s already a plan where I exclude you” and “you’re useless to me”.  There’s a LOT of crap stacked up in front of Matt’s office building. This is seriously a complete rehash of the last ten minutes of the last episode.

At the double wide before the surgery.  Some guy, Bill, is going to go with Zach and Matt because well, Jeremy needed to camp and walk around Bend. Matt makes a point of saying goodbye to Amy. She seems worried but also kinda like “Am I supposed to be cool or caring?” It’s awkward.

Bill the friend wakes Matt out of his bed and this is home movie time. Matt is worried about his hair and Zach rather wisely notes that this is Matt’s coping mechanism. That they are dragging this out is kind of painful and manipulative.  And seriously, twenty two minutes in and we’re still rehashing the last ten minutes of the last episode from different angles.

Now we have Zach being filmed looking concerned at dramatic angles. Amy does the rounds at the farm with Ryan? An employee? Then she greets the goats and pony who all seem hungry.
More and more surgery stuff. Matt has surgery throat. It’s a success of course. Zach calls Jer and ends up leaving a message and then calls mom who is happy. Amy sets up a special bed for Matt because she’s not an utter bitch.

Then Amy gets a phone call from her lawyer about… Camerino’s deportation. We basically get a lot of dancing around the unpleasant reality that the Roloffs have been employing an illegal and they profess worry about his daughters. Amy doesn’t understand it and is sad.

Zach leaves after a day to check on the farm while Bill stays. I kinda wonder what Bill does for a living. Back at the farm we see Amy scooping up spoiled dropped apples. Amy is devastated by Camerino’s deportation. Both Zach and Amy seem sad about it in a real way. Matt has not been told, as of yet.

We see Camerino doing stuff and Amy is checking on him. She hugs him goodbye. He’s handling it stoically. Amy is all “I dunno what I’d do if I could never see my kids again”.

Oh hey there’s a weird commercial where Zach and Tory announce they’re having the first grandchild.
Zach and Tori wash Matt’s dog Lucy. They are picking Matt up because Amy and Jer don’t want to be bothered and Jacob and Molly aren’t on the show. Matt seems well enough. Camerino is there, and Zach is all “I am stepping up”. And we’re dancing around the Camerino situation. Since Camerino is leaving the next day, it's super awkward. Camerino shows off the fancy bed Amy moved for him. Camerino drops the bomb. He has to go. I’m also struck by how Matt and Camerino are both devastated.

And the fucking trebuchet is still on display.

So the day after Matt returns, Jeremy shows up for the first time in a month. Jeremy notes surgery is a bummer and Camerino is a bummer. Oh hey I think this will be Jeremy’s only appearance.

And Amy has gotten a concerning letter! She heads to the doublewide and Matt is decidedly more upbeat about his recovery. They seem irate over immigration. Then we cut without Amy dropping whatever the bomb is. Lil guess. I doubt anything awful happened.  And if this seems short, it’s because nothing new happened.

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Zach and Tori Roloff Are Expecting Their First Child

Zach and Tori Roloff are expecting their first child. They posted the news that Tori is pregnant on their Instagrams and through a video on the TLC website. They also did interviews with magazines like People.

toriroloffGuess what... 💗💙 Zach and I are SO excited to FINALLY tell you guys the news! Thank you so much already for the love and support we have received! This is going to be one fun adventure!#ZandTpartyofthree

zroloff07Tori and I are so excited to finally share the secret! We are expecting! Can't wait for this crazy adventure! Neither can #inspectorsullivan !#zandtpartyofthree

You can watch their video on the TLC website here:

Other Roloffs also tweeted about the news:

amyjroloffDid you hear and see the news? I'm going to be a grandma! I'm too young for this😄! I'm so excited and can't wait! So happy for Zach & Tori.

And Audrey Roloff:

The news is out! (I definitely cried when I found out) Soooooo pumped for you Zach and Tori!!!!!! You guys are gonna be the greatest parents, and Jeremy and I can't wait to be uncle Jer and auntie Auj ❤️ love you seestor and can't wait to meet that lil nugget in your cute belly! #ZAndTPartyofthree

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Roloffs On The Election - Jeremy Roloff Declares Trump's Victory A "Miracle"

Some of the members of the Roloffs took to social media to make posts on the results of the 2016 Presidential Election and on Donald Trump's victory.

It was deja-vu for Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey Roloff. Although Jeremy recently wrote that social media is not the place to have serious discussions and his belief that important discussions can only happen in person, Jeremy posted about the the election.

During the final Presidential Debate in October, Jeremy's wife, Audrey Roloff, posted a clip of Donald Trump's closing remarks and a female voice (that most conclude was Audrey) could be heard loudly cheering "That was good!!"

Some of Audrey's followers began expressing their disappointment to learn that Audrey was supporting Donald Trump. Audrey posted in response stating that people were carelessly criticizing her and were making assumptions that were not true. When people asked her point blank if she was supporting Donald Trump because posting a video of him listing the reasons why voters should vote for him and a voice cheering "That was good!!" implies she was supporting Trump. Audrey refused to answer. She then criticized people for making long comments on her social media and stated they have too much time on their hands. Jeremy then posted that important discussions do not belong on social media and those conversations should only be done face to face.

Last night was almost a carbon copy, except this time it was Jeremy making the posts.

As it became clear that Donald Trump would be declared the next President of the United States of America, Jeremy tweeted:

"History was made. And it was a straight up miracle."

Some of Jeremy's followers began responding with their disgust at what appeared to be Jeremy celebrating Trump's victory."

This is a sample of response to Jeremy's tweet.

"loved you until you just said that shit"

he has set America back to a time when your wife, mom, and sister had no rights at all. I have lost all respect for you..

The right person won,I'm a woman & God owns my body not me. Abortion is murder, which Hillary supports. Disgusting!

omg. You are part of the problem.

"grab them by the pussy" -Donald Trump

and you call yourself a Christian --- wow !!

you just lost my respect
Here is a  response to that tweet.

Jeremy, look, dude, when you call this election a "miracle" it makes it clear to your followers who you voted for.

 Jeremy replied:

"Not at all. I would argue it is MOST miraculous to Clinton supporters"

nah it's clear who you did vote for on the message you sent out on the earlier tweet without even mentioning names.

you don't have to defend who you voted for man. That's the beauty of living in the land of the free.

we know who you voted for. The hate is coming from Trump himself

don't worry what people say. They did not like Jesus.

tell that to Trump 

It is pretty obvious Jeremy.  

Jeremy then tweeted 2 more times.

Well, we had no good choices,but America made a choice. Let's act with grace, self control, and maturity in the coming weeks. Signing off... 

Lastly, really encouraged by and his prayer movement. Pray for our country as it needs it more than ever now.

It should be noted that Franklin Graham's twitter is filled with tweets and messages about praying about the election and links to stories emphasizing the importance for Christians to vote for politicians who will protect religious liberty and make Supreme Court nominees who will overturn the same sex marriage ruling and will be pro-life.

Meanwhile, Jacob Roloff, who is the only "liberal" leaning Roloff among the immediate family, blamed the result on "progressives" who voted for 3rd party candidates such as Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. Jacob Roloff was a Bernie Sanders supporter originally, but then fully embraced the idea of voting for Hillary Clinton -- Jacob made an Instagram post last week urging people to vote for Hillary Clinton. 

As the votes were coming in and it was looking as though Trump would be the winner, Jacob retweeted this:

If the presidency goes to Trump because of these voters...maybe the republic is too stupid to survive after all. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein combined have so far amassed twice the total votes won by Nader in 2000

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Audrey Roloff Upset After Coming Under Attack As Possible Donald Trump Supporter

For the second time in just over a week, Audrey Roloff's penchant for for kinda/sorta/maybe vaguely posting her opinion on a controversial topic on social issues or politics and Audrey's refusal to clarify her feelings have made her the target of angry fans.

And Audrey is not too happy about it.

Audrey took to her Instagram stories on Thursday October 20th to vent about feeling attacked. "Instagram stories" is the short video clip feature of Instagram. Users (Audrey) can post videos, if they are longer, she can make multiple videos in a row. Followers cannot comment on the actual "Instagram story" so they comment on the most recent Instagram picture Audrey posted.

Here is what Audrey said in her Instagram Story on Thursday October 20th.

Audrey Roloff: "It's crazy to me that I can write this long Instagram post about being compassionately curious before you're carelessly critical and then,  there's tons of people criticizing me on that exact post for things that are complete assumptions that I didn't even say. Let's be people who compassionately curious before we are carelessly critical today."

Here is the "story" on what Audrey is talking about.

Last night, Wednesday Oct 19th, the Presidential Debate was held. Audrey had earlier posted a regular Instagram photo with a long description about how the world needs more people that are compassionately curious and less people that are carelessly critical.

Audrey then posted several Instagram Stories (the short video clips) from the debate. The clips were of  Donald Trump speaking about Hilary Clinton's faults, Trump mentioning Clinton's "criminal emails, (Audrey inserted smiley faces), clips of Trump asking how can Clinton run for President of the United States when she should be in jail?" Audrey finished it up with Donald Trump's closing words from the debate.. "We cannot take 4 more years of Barack Obama and that's what you get if you vote for Hillary Clinton". A female voice in Audrey's video (which her followers obviously assume to be her own) can be heard loudly exclaiming "That was GOOD!"

Immediately after Audrey's "Instagram stories" of the debate clips, fans began asking Audrey if she was a Trump supporter and many criticized her for supporting Donald Trump and expressed this disappointment.

Here is a sample of the comments:


Just saw your ig stories. Disappointed to find out you're a Trump Supporter.

Ugh. Why did you have to bring your political views into things? Not a good move.

Exactly. Hope it's a misinterpretation as can't fake or twist his racist statements in the debate last night...and that's just the beginning.

I think she's a Trump Supporter. Not sure I can keep watching the show LPBW.

Audrey Roloff: Just wanna say one thing...Y'all sure do make a lot of assumptions....And this post has nothing to do with politics. I hope you read the actual content of the post before commenting. It would mean a lot to me.

I think they are commenting on your video cheering on Trump, not your post.

Audrey Roloff: Who is cheering? Hmmm quick to criticize and assume...!

I just watched your story and I understand that you're feeling attacked. But you are a public figure, who is putting messages out to almost 300,000 people. Intentionally. You felt that people are criticizing you for "things you didn't even say". You posted only videos of Donald Trump talking, with laughing face emojis as he yell-interrupted Hillary Clinton....People are rightfully upset and confused. This is what happened with the cover girl post, you were at best unclear with your message and at worst, offensive.. You are expected to clarify what your meaning is, if you feel people are missing it. If you feel that people don't know what you actually think, give us context. You are mistaken if you think your message was vague. It was not. It has meaning. If that's not the meaning you intended, explain it. If it was the meaning you intended, use this criticism constructively. You take a standpoint of instructing others how to live, and when others do the same you, based on your specific public actions, your are responsible for receiving them. You take a religiously based moral standpoint on life and public discourse and are defending, as per the message you sent out, a serial sexual assault perpetrator, racist, homophobic, offensive, inarticulate and unqualified man who wants to be president.....You are a public figure who made a public statement that completely contradicts what you preach and that actually endangers women, minorities, and the lower classes. You are expected to explain it.

I think what's causing frustration and confusion is that people want to know is where you stand 
on these issues, and clear up the ambiguity of your recent posts. 

I completely agree! Could you clear up the ambiguity of your latest posts? Do you support Donald Trump?

If they don't symbolize your support for Trump...say so? And if they do symbolize your support, why are you offended that people think they do?

Audrey Roloff: "Social Media is not the place of debate. I hope you can gracefully accept that. I disregard many of the negatie comments because I want my social media and comments to be uplifting and encouraging to others. Not a blood bath".

You're telling us that social media is not the place for debate after YOU posted snippets of the debate on your socially media and you she "gracefully accepts that"????? Makes no sense.


Audrey never did clarify what the cheering "That was GOOD" meant or the purpose of her posting Trump's remarks. She didn't answer the many people asking if she was a Trump supporter. From that point on, Audrey only responded to people defending her or who complimented her on her post.

It was similar to Audrey's controversial Instagram Story on October 12th  which RadarOnline documented here:

Update October 22nd

As Audrey Roloff continues to receive several negative comments (along with a lot of supportive comments from Christians) regarding her recent above mentioned controversial posts regarding Donald Trump and the recent issue of Cover Girl featuring a gay, effeminate looking 17 year old male make-up artisti, James Charles. Audrey and her husband Jeremy Roloff, are continuing to comment on the negative responses.

Again, on Audrey's Instagram Stories, she posted 2 pictures with captions, mocking the people making the negative comments as having too much time on their hands to write long negative posts.

"Some people just have a lot of time on their hands to be commenting novels on social media every 10 minutes"

 Her other picture reads:

"If you're gonna have a debate take it to direct messages" [insert grinning smiley)

Audrey also tweeted "well said babe" and a link to her husband's (Jeremy Roloff) Facebook page, with a long post about which essentially says debates on important topics should not be said on the internet (or at least in public view). Jeremy and Audrey had the same sentiment months ago in the aftermath of them saying on their marriage blog that they don't agree with gay marriage or gay relationships --  when people would say they were disappointed to learn his views because they always thought he was open-minded to people who were different, Jeremy Roloff continuously commented that they should take the conversation to Private/Direct message. Many skeptics believe Jeremy wants the conversation to be off of a public forum so that he can't be held accountable for his views by sites like this blog or Radar Online or TMZ. However, many of Jeremy and Audrey Roloff's Christian fan based applaud them for taking a bold stand "for God" when they post things that imply they are against "gay rights" or support Donald Trump. 

Jeremy also quotes Jeremy and Audrey's favorite Pastor, John Mark Comer, who has also made controversial public statements regarding the benefits of "gay conversion therapy" and who calls gay people "broken inside". 

Here is Jeremy's Facebook post:

"In light of recent events - be wise with your posts, words and comments. The internet is no place for winning people over, that is best done in person. Serious topics take a real conversation. As we process and consume the relentless onslaught of manipulated garbage on social media and the news, let's remember who we represent as we participate in conversation both digital and real. As Christians, our allegiance belongs to the kingdom of God. In the words of John Mark Comer, "We have dual citizenship, both to a country, and to a kingdom." no candidate is, or ever will be our savior. So don't act like they are. We already have one and let's not push Him aside in all the chaos and noise. #lifeorbust

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Audrey Roloff Once Again Speaks Out Against LBGT

Audrey Roloff has once again ruffled feathers by using her social media to voice her opposition to the LGBT community.

Radaronline has an excellent article that documents the latest round of Audrey speaking out.

It is regarding Cover Girl's use of "gender-bending" model, a 17 year old make up artist who is a You Tube star, James Charles.

In Audrey's Instagram Stories on October 12th, she posted a picture of the cover with her caption "Confused...". Audrey went on to discuss her opposition to it in comments on her own Instagram picture.

After receiving negative comments from fans about her opposition to the cover, Audrey invoked Jesus in her reasoning for speaking out and compared being silent on these LGBT matters as akin to not stopping your child if he/she were running into the middle of a freeway. Audrey responded in a comment with:.

Audrey Roloff: "If I do recall, Jesus did not just go around approving and accepting everything everyone did. More often than not, he instructed, rebuked, and corrected deception, false teaching and sinful living. You don't get persecuted for being a people pleaser....And I know my stance won't be a popular one, but I will boldly take it. That does not mean I hate. This man has incredible talents. I have an issue with the brand and the message it sends to women across the globe, not the man himself. If my child wanted to run out into the freeway, I would speak up! Because I LOVE him/her not because I'm judgmental or belittling." 

Despite the controversy, the Roloffs were one big happy family this weekend, with the whole family, with the exception of Molly Roloff (who also has spoken out in support of Anti-gay comments) and her boyfriend. Even Jacob Roloff and his girlfriend Isabel, were at Roloff Farms  this past weekend for Roloff Pumpkin Season. They were all posing for pictures on each others social media sites and are all very complimentary of one another.

As the Radar Online article mentions, although Jacob is by far more liberal on social issues than the rest of his family (although some wonder just how much on the acceptance of gay people due to an incident while Jacob was attending a public high school - an openly gay student responded to a question about Jacob by stating that he thought Jacob was very attractive - when that answer was brought to Jacob's attention, Jacob went on to say that he didn't want that person anywhere near him and he wouldn't have a gay male friend because he's "not into dudes, I like girls"). Many felt his reaction and response was inherently homophobic. However, despite that real life story, Jacob has in the past on social media been supportive of gay rights such as marriage equality and retweeting the likes of Flea from one of Jacob's favorite bands the Red Hot Chili Peppers mocking people like Michelle Bachman and family for their support of gay conversion therapy. Jacob has also spoken out against Christian fans of the Roloffs and of Little People, Big World who voice the same views as Audrey and Jeremy about LGBT issues in society.. However, Jacob and his girlfriend Isabel refrain from commenting on Jeremy and Audrey's anti LGBT statements and views.


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Social Media Discussion

The social media accounts of Jeremy and Audrey Roloff often generate a lot of discussion, so here is the item to discuss it.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have their Beating50Percent marriage website. They each are active on twitter, instagram and Facebook.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New Episode Of Little People, Big World August 2, 2016

Here are recaps of the new episode of Little People, Big World that aired Tuesday August 2, 2016 on TLC.


Written By Rap541

I genuinely have to be at work at the crack of dawn and I actually want to perform well so I am not getting five hours of sleep merely to watch a clip show. I am sorry that this is a terrible recap!


Hmmm New bonus footage – Amy and Matt discuss getting Molly a nice gift. Amy suggests that they get her fancy business clothes and a good watch, Matt suggests paying off her car. The divorce decree seems to indicate that they didn’t pay off the car but… Oh look the gift seems to be a Shinola watch and diamond earrings with saphires. Nice gifts. Also they do pay off the car with is nice. Molly has no debt. Speaking as someone with NO debt, I do think that is an awesome gift to give.

Honestly folks, I might bale. I am doing a training class at work and it involves being at work at 6am and this show is two hours and if its all clips and whining, I might throw in the towel since I prefer making money. Just giving fair warning. If this is mostly a clip show I will likely bail.

Oh look it’s ten years and we’re sharing stories because apparently no one wants to concede that there are numerous other shows that have lasted over ten years. Do I have to list them? Do I have to contain myself to JUST TLC shows? Because no… not the first reality show to hit ten years.

Yeah this is going to be a clip show. I will hang for a bit but… It’s a clip show.

Guys, I have work and if Jer has knocked up Auj (they’re merrily insisting there’s a special announcement and that’s pretty much it for Jer and Auj – oh wait, no, they aren’t pregnant they are just blogging on TLC.
Sorry guys – I have work and I am not recapping a clip show.


Review Written By Podge/Rodge groupie

Review of 10 Great years – Aug. 2

Ok, here we go. The show is not staged nowadays, not even the intro. Puh-lease! It wasn't like that.......

In the beginning, it started with Matt and Amy. Yes Amy, that 14 day courtship should have given you some sort pf clue. Your powers of perception amaze even me. Nice summary history by Amy, and before we knew it.....let's buy a farm. “Look, I don't care what you do with it, just get my 6-1/2 month pregnant bod of this bumpy road.” KEY HINT: Matt blurts, “Fortunately she was distracted at the time and didn't have any capacity to say 'no', which she would like to tell you became a pattern.” D'uh. You took advantage of your pregnant wife even back then. Horrible. The house, Amy was in the 'now' and Matt was having his patented 'visions'. “Have I bitten off more than I could chew.” Never heard that before, there MR. They loved their twins. Matt, “We were excited about it because we loved the idea of ahving a LP that Amy and I could relate with, and then have a AH that could... kind of take care of us all.” Are you kidding me? As the kids grew, Matt has an idea to try to become the president of the LPA, so he quit his career to lead the LPA. Quit his career. All of a sudden, along came the show. Documentary first, then a larger scale. Amy was apprehensive at first. I think Matt's grandiose, “I think LP is a metaphor for ALL people who are different. So we could teach people about all people being different and that became the mission for the show.” ok. You, above all people have no right to even imagine that you and your family speak for everybody with a disability.

Day 1. No set ups, no staging, just “do what you want,” and the first years went from there, like geckos no the wall. Amy – more than pilot? Commercial. Oooooh. Big announcement – Auj and ofAuj are joining the family. Woo Hoo. Jeremy. “It was 100% reality and I can honestly and genuinely say that” back then, yes, sure. Amy's house was a mess. 2 jobs, and coaching, feeding kids, getting them here and there. I have no argument with that she was a busy lady. Fer shure. I like the memories of how the kids think they used to be:
  1. Zach. I was blunt. I'd just blurt out dome things.
  2. Jeremy Spoke for Zach when of course he had no right to do so. Spoke for Molly when he had no right to do so. Said nothing about himself.
  3. Molly. I liked structure, living by the rules.
Jeremy proves to be the whiny, lippy little prick that did not give his LP mom one single pounce of respect. Ever. They didn't even know the cameras were there. Then it was reality TV. When Zach's shunt collapsed, there was not staging or set up.

The farm. Matt's so awesome if he does say so himself. Jer just had to mention the windmill. The one that was his idea, that does NOTHING. Everything has a buggy road access. Bad safety on the mules with your kids, Matt. Dangerous. Ah, the pumpkin patch. No Matt, it is definitely not Graceland. The trebuchet accident. Mike mentioned only once.

Whoa! Andrea, Liz, and Max. On the show! What's this what's this???? Lesbian parent's? On LPBW! How could they have possibly been allowed to adopt? There goes the neighbourhood!

Cameras at school. Jeremy was a complete jerk at school. Acting like an idiot. Jer plays Psychologist, “We're teenagers, of ocurse we're going to sleep all day. It's in our genes at this time.” Zach, For a guy who newer reads you sure do know a lot.” Love it!!!

Enabler Amy showed her hand quite early in the series. A telling point was when she had trouble disciplining her kids, “How can you tell them you're going to discipline them an hour from now when the filming stops?” The horns of a dilemma indeed. The Iraq mission was covered. Yes Matt, you're awesome. The travel and vacations were interesting. Amy tried to justify the trips on the show as getting to do an experience on a higher level than you would if you weren't paying the entire bill yourself. They might have been a little more extravagant. Really? You don't say. Matt mentioned a big part of the show was being able to give back. They mentioned Habitat for Humanity. Period. One thing. Yay. Matt mentions the man with a tattoo of Matt on his back. Yikes. The best part was, Matt says he's won many a late night bar bets and competitions with a photo of that tattoo. Of course Matt, but you MUST be there at many a late night bar competition. KEY HINT: Somewhere between Season 4 or 5 (I think) Matt relates that the kids were done, over it, wanted to just send the cameras away and get back to their own lives. But, Matt proclaims, “Sharing our story sort of became our lot in life, our mission. I told the family, 'We have this opportunity, we can't squander it! We have to show the TV audience a documentary of what it's like to be n LP living an everyday life.' ” Well so much for the unlarvished lie that, “If any of our kids want to stop doing the show, we will stop doing the show.” Wrong. Horrible.

Af far as being on the show, the answers were telling. Tori, “At first I didn't want to be on the show. I was like, you go do the show and I'll go over here and do my thing.” Rather a strange answer, seeing as she was branded a gold-digging whore by a certain group of people on this blog. Audrey, “I got used to it pretty quickly.” OfAuj pipes in, “Yeah, she's pretty natural, so it was no problem.” Who's the attention-seeking whore?

The final bits and arguments are typical modern Roloffs. Jeremy spouts, “I fell like I've thrown all up into the air, and we'll make the pieces land in a way that make sense for everyone's future. YOU have thrown it all up into the air? Whoever the geek moderator was, “So, what are you up to today?” Amy goes on and on, “I'd like to see where the salsa business goes (he asked about today, Amy) and she still went on and on. Amy please. Just shut up. But she wasn't the only one who was serf-serving and full of themselves.

Overall, there was not as much there as I had hoped. We did get some little snippets of truth, a lot of 'Aren't we awesome' and 'We're going to keep going'. The early years were always better, but alas, they're gone. And the show's and characters' honesty and credibility along with it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Little People, Big World New Episode June 26, 2016

Here are reviews of the new episode of Little People, Big World, featuring the Roloffs, which aired on July 26th, 2016 on TLC.


Review Written By Rap541

So the first bonus scenes were Molly commenting on how Amy is moving on. The second bit of bonus footage is Zach learning about birthstones for the cameras. He comes up with such pithy phrases as “How are emeralds made?” I really don’t think Zach understood the concept.

Oh look the marriage is finally over. Should I crow over how I predicted it? No, because it’s sad, but I did predict it.  And it looks like Molly graduates. And Matt drama queens over his surgery.
So Tory and Zach are on the Holy Tire Swing. Matt plans to head to Spokane with the family and they’re leaving on Saturday for Sunday. Matt is now all about his neck issues and how awful roadtripping to Spokane might be. They could fly, just saying.

Amy is very pleased about the graduating. She plans to fly up, oddly enough and notes that Matt is on his own. Amy is all “This is our first divorced trip”. Molly is jobseeking, and Amy wants her to get a job close to home and to attend the party that they are obviously planning.

Matt sees his doc. She explains how messed up his neck is. I personally don’t wish spinal surgery on anyone. My sis currently has more titantium than actual bone in her spine and its bad. That said, I wish Matt wasn’t so self involved.

So Matt’s at his desk in his office. Amy is all “how ARE you?” and expresses concern. There’s surgery in LA and he’s taking no one because he’s Matt. Amy has no intention of arguing but she offers to come. Oddly, Matt isn’t flying and suggests Amy join the road trip. She says no, and explains no, a six hour drive with Matt is opposed to the whole plan to spend time with Molly. Jermey and Auj are ditching because a speaking engagement is more important. I merely point out how Amy was SHIT on by the Christians here for going to a speaking engagement when she could have attended Matt’s birthday bash.

Matt wanders into the big house to clear out his office in the bighouse finally. Matt gets emotional as Camerino? Stands in the background and lifts chairs. Matt notes how he has nothing to say as he cleans out his office and how he hates divorce. I merely note how Matt walked out on his wife and staged an episode where he showed off how pleased as punch he was to live alone and have his own little mancave where he and his buddies partied while Amy was left alone.

So Amy is heading to the divorce signing. I find it odd that the office art is blotted out. Amy hates that she is divorcing. Matt is at HIS lawyer’s office, also signing off. It’s all short and Matt and Amy are both shocked how easy it is. I merely point out that no one hesitates. Matt notes, manfully, that he was never meant to be married. And now a montage of the happy times. Amy is now single! Matt is oddly sadder but frankly I think he knows the cameras are there and of course notes how he won’t be second guessing any decisions.
So Zach and Tory are taking Matt to Spokane in the van. I find it increasingly hilarious that Jeremy and Auj are no where to be seen for this but frankly it doesn’t shock me that when things are awkward, Jer and Auj bail.

Amy and Molly have seared tuna. Amy is all “please live in Portland and you can live at the farm!” and Molly seems hesitant. Meanwhile Tory and Zach are in the van with Matt and I think Amy made the right choice for Molly as Molly is pleased that Amy spent time with her. Matt et al show up at the sushi place. We get a montage of Matt being emotional over Molly leaving for college.

And now graduation. It’s very nice. Amy seems shocked at how fast it is.

Back at the farm, Jer and Auj vapidly note how the speech went and how they basically had no regrets. I think Molly has a boyfriend we aren’t supposed to notice. Also Molly calls everyone to attention. She has a JOB. In Spokane. Good for her. It says a great deal that she did get a job right out of the gate. Matt makes a nice speech about how she is leaving.

Now the kids – Zach, Jer, wives, and Molly are at a fire. Jer plans to “check up” on the farm. Molly says she isn’t terribly worried.

Amy and Matt roll up on a ATV. Matt now has no intention of selling. There’s another montage of photos. Matt fatalistically notes that his work is done.

Zach wanders in to Matt’s terrible double wide. Matt is of course quick to note how he will be crippled. Zach offers to go with him. It feels forced to a point in that they are clearly playing to the cameras. Matt notes how he’s been miserable for years. Matt who fears hieghts, notes how being on a plane makes him comfortable.  Zach notes how this is Matt putting on a brave face – TO BE CONTINUED!!!

Lil spoiler – Matt doesn’t die and isn’t a quadriplegic.

Also – kinda noticeable that Jeremy of no discernable job and who wants the farm so bad, isn’t the dutiful son. My whole vibe here, with Jeremy skipping Molly’s graduation while Jacob attended but refused filming and Zach, not Jeremy, manning up for the tough moments… It seems pretty clear who gives a shit about family.


Review Written By Podge/Rodge groupie

Review of The Next Chapter July 26

Extra scenes – Girls did a recap of the night before. I have Molly in my notes and I can't remember why. Zach learned about emeralds. I'm still disturbed by Jer saying they are going to make a couple of extra trips back to the farm (still giggle about that) after dad's surgery “just to see how he's doing.” Way to volunteer for any real work there SlugJer. More on that later. Zach's statement about, “I just want to say 'surprise!' and get on with it” didn't really indicate enough heartfelt emotions, even with the justification lacking for how much work he actually did.

OK, a word of warning to all you out there, and possibly first-time readers: I doubt very much that Matt is going to be the next Dr. Who, and the big house at the farm is a little oversized to be the Tardis, But they took enough liberties with timeframe in this episode that the present Dr. would feel the need to re-generate and get someone new on the show, just to keep up.

Molly's commencement is coming up. According to Amy's FB it was Sunday, May 22. Enter Matt to set up the trip to Spokane with Zach and Tori who are conveniently on the tire swing. Matt put up such a fuss to get it re-installed that TLC had darn well better get some footage from it. They discuss salami and cheese. Matt enjoys loading up on fats. Amy calls Molly on Skype and states her plans for flying up to get some alone time with her girl. Of course my puts it as “going out for drink” and saying squat about dinner. Molly says she is, “still looking for a job.” Amy is all, “no job already?” which is all staged and lies and ridiculous, but I'll get into that later. Amy haybales, “Well you've got to have a party!” Which of course, you do. Amy tells Molly girl that she and Dad are getting ready to sing the papers. According to public documents, Amy signed on April 21, Matt signed on May 24, Amy's lawyer presented the signed and sworn documents to the Circuit Court on April 26, and the Judge signed, and the docs were filed on, April 27. They did NOT sign the documents at the time they tried to make it appear.

Matt goes to Dr. Kempe, who gets a product placement, for as he puts it, “I wanted to get a second opinion on my neck.” WHAT? This is very strange indeed. Dr. Kempe is local, so I'm going on the assumption that Dr. Kempe is Matt's family physician. She would have referred Matt to the 90210 Medical Center for the Cortisone shot. Is she didn't then why did Matt not go to the Dr. that did refer him?

Office meeting! Why is Matt playing with a neck brace? He never wore it throughout the whole episode. Amy is NOT driving there and back with Matt. Very sensible. They discuss getting ready to sign the final papers. Why are they discussing the trip to Molly's grad WEEKS before it takes place? Scripted or what? They also discuss a time for Matt to clear out his final load of 'stuff' out of Amy's house. And probably then take it over to the crappy, small, demeaning double wide. Even if he fixed it up. Matt goes to Amy's house. Hey, where did the shelves made out of old wood go? I liked the décor in Matt's office. He starts to reminisce, Camerino looks completely bored, and they haul out the red chair(s). Hey Matt, don't worry about your beautiful office buddy. Amy will move in and have the place completely trashed before you get back from surgery I'm guessing.

The document signings. My compliments to Amy. She was much more gracious talking about her own televised divorce than when he talked about the Kardashian divorce(s). Funny that. It would have been better if Senator Weiner Whiner would have come in to do a little dance for us. Now, Matt haybales that he is really not the easiest person to be married to. Well no shit, Sherlock. But after saying it takes all kinds in this world, he is still awesome!!! You go, Matt.

The day before. Amy and Molly go out for dinner. They do the whole, “I hope you get a job in Hillsboro,” scripted stuff. Amy actually haybales that she'd like Molly to be on the farm for awhile or at least in Portland or Hillsboro. Land 'o Goshin, Pa this is the same crap that Matt spews on a regular basis about his boys. By this coming up again, it's no doubt a storyline by TLC. The 'rest' of the family show up, minus of course the Golden Couple. Matt makes a ridiculous pithy toast. Oy vay.

Grad Day. Awesome all around. Hey, what's with the gambling visor (An opaque hat visor with a single strap around the back to keep the lights out of your eyes) that Molly was wearing backwards under her mortarboard? Did they wear them after the ceremony after the simple Physics lesson to see how far mortarboards fly? Also, a bodacious design on the top of her mortarboard as well.

Back at the farm for the party. Molly makes an 'announcement' that she found a job in Spokane. Now I'll talk about this here. It was mentioned in a caption earlier that Molly had a job MONTHS before the Commencement ceremony. That is much easier to believe and here's why. As part of a Practicum for the summer jobs etc, the students are sent to accounting firms in the area for 'work experience' if you want to call it that, that goes towards their articling time. They've recently started doing this with Engineering students where I live (mechanical, chemical, civil,etc.) and usually the firms to where you are sent take you back every summer and every work experience term. In one city I lived in, a major national accounting firm would hire the entire Business Administration graduating class from the University. Every year. And assign them to different offices or citied if the grads so chose. Having said all that, there is no way in the world an accounting firm that employed Molly for the summers and Practicum times, would be stupid enough to let a 4.0 GPA student who graduated Summa Cum Laude and can use her multiple Dean's List Certificates for wallpaper in her apartment, just walk away and go to the competition? Not a chance. Never. I'm willing to be this position was sealed after her Third Year. Which makes all the garbage about Molly “looking for a job” silly scripted baloney that anyone can see through. And of course Matt tops it all off with pithy toast 2 as only Matt the Showman can.

The fire pit scene. What disturbs me the most here, is SlugJer mentions twice that he's willing to come back to the farm a couple of extra times to 'check up on how dad's doing'. Not one word on volunteering to do any labour of any kind. Goodness, no! It's only after Tori gets into specifics and outright asks him if he would mow the lawn that SlugJer finally says OK. There was something else in the convo about Auj mentioning to Zach that he 'has the time'? Part-time job or not I guess. The idea of Zach being closer, with the Golden Couple's trips already, is a pretty meaningless argument.