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Roloffs React To Marches (Some Critical While Some Take Part)

Members of the Roloff Family had very different reactions to the massive "Women's March" that took place Saturday January 21, 2017, not only in many cities across the United States, but around the world. Estimates are that as many of 2 Million people around the world took part in the March.

As has happened previously when it comes to politics, the Roloffs had very reactions to the marches.

Isabel, Jacob Roloff's girlfriend whom he lives with in Arcata, California, took to twitter and Instagram to proclaim that she marched. Jacob retweeted Isabel's tweet.

Isabel even tweeted a picture of the sign she made to carry in the march.

Isabel also posted a more lengthy Instagram Caption:

"We marched today. As humans standing up against injustices towards other humans. I was encouraged and inspired by all of the powerful people in one place today, and honored to be a part of it. I live in an area with a bunch of small towns - on the 101. This was the biggest march in this town's history!! What I was most amazed by was the CHILDREN who made their own signs and who were chanting words they truly believed in. It gave me SO MUCH HOPE for the younger generation. We can learn from kids. "Protect the Environment" an important reminder for all of us" 

Although Isabel did appear to not want to offend. When she was questioned whether the "march was in anyway negative against the Administration? Isabel replied "No."

I think it is fair to say that the marches, one day after Donald Trump's inauguration, were very much a protest to voice concern against many of the policies the Trump campaign ran on and that the Administration have espoused. To suggest it was not in "any way" a negative against the Trump administration seems a tad bit disingenuous, in my opinion.

Meanwhile, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, had a very different take on the marches. On Saturday night of the marches, Jeremy's wife, Audrey had a message for the marchers/protesters (which included Jacob Roloff's girlfriend Isabel). Audrey Roloff tweeted:

"Spend more time praying than you do protesting."

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have always been very careful to stop just short of definitively saying they voted for Donald Trump. Once Audrey posted a video of Donald Trump's closing debate remarks and she could be heard cheering/yelling "That was good!!" Although when someone commented that Audrey and Jeremy supported Trump, they responded "Did we say that?". And after the election results, Jeremy Roloff declared Trump's victory "A Miracle!". Although once again, when people said Jeremy supported Trump, he replied "Did I say that?"

Both Jeremy and Audrey often retweet Christian minister, Franklin Graham, who was vocal about the importance for Christians to vote for Donald Trump. Audrey shared Franklin Graham's interview where he talks about God wanting Donald Trump to win the election. One of his themes throughout the election was:

"It's about the Supreme Court...and who do you trust to appoint judges that are going to be in favor of Christian liberty?" I think maybe God has allowed Donald Trump to win this election to protect this nation for the next few years by giving maybe an opportunity to have some good judges".

Reason Blog Was On Hiatus

For those who were wondering, there was a death in my immediate family and that is why the blog was on hiatus and no new comments were published during that time.

To those of you who expressed concern, thank you.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Little People Big World Episode Review January 10th

Here are reviews of the Little People Big World episode on TLC that aired Tuesday Jan 10th.


Written by Rap541

New finale that is so about the pending baby! The first bonus scene reveals that Jeremy had returned to the farm for this episode to celebrate Amy’s birthday and to judge her for dating, but more importantly, to celebrate their MARRIAGE. I especially adore how Jeremy expects his mom to make breakfast for him. And to you know, provide him a free place to stay when he so openly judges her.

Not sure if it’s a bonus scene but Matt basically describes his potential new house as part of the farm and as something that Amy would be required to chip in for as it is a farm expense. And there lies the problem, since there’s no reasonable way to insist this is a farm business expense.

Next bonus scene is Zach and Matt talking about his neck brace and Zach inviting Matt to Amy’s party for her birthday. Zach makes a similar joke to one I make with my dad – my dad likes to do the “oh how old are you? In AARP yet?” To which I always retort that “hahaha I am still 31 years younger than you!”

I’m a little worried about Spirit so it’s awkward to be totally jovial here.


So, at the horrible double wide, Matt lays out the housing plan to take care of Jer and Auj and provide them a home without them needing to work and of course Jer is on board. Matt notes that Jer isn’t smart enough to disagree with him. Matt wants to build a separate house for Jer and Auj. Matt of course notes how *Amy* is the problem. Jeremy really wants the big house so he tells Matt he’s not sure if Amy wants to move. Jer is all “But even tho I whine incessantly how I want to live on the farm, I want to be in charge and make the decision and get to live away until I decide because I am a little boy who wants his way!”

Amy and blonde friend who’s name I missed discuss the motorcycle date with Chris and how Amy is going out with her man Chris. Amy haybales how being divorced is awesome.

Meanwhile back at the Zach house, Zach is all “I love coaching kids” and Tory is all “I love teaching kids” and in the haybale they are so hiding the pregnancy…. Zach thinks Tory will be the authoritative parent.

Matt describes how he sometimes needs the neck brace and also how cool he is about living on the same property with the ex. Amy is all “wtf?” and “I knew it” over the whole compound plan. Matt mentions the “Jer and Auj want to pitch you out” plan. Amy is like “I’m not stupid” and that’s nice to hear because I do worry she’ll let the mom thing override the good sense.

Back to the tension. Amy nails it with how Matt wants to move in to the big house with Jer and Auj and I totally don’t believe Jer and Auj know that part of Matt’s plan. Matt puts on an awesome puss face of disappointment as Amy disses the whole compound plan and notes how it’s designed to drive her out.

Jer and Zach discuss the compound plan. Zach has no interest, and Jer has things to do in bend so he has no real interest in returning to the farm NOW.

Amy is going on a second date with Chris so she’s making him a pie. Is Chris… Chris the ex producer? I am just curious. Amy meanwhile wants to know where the cameras are looking and wants to see the camera feeds. Matt denies and denies that the cameras are to spy and Matt immediately asks what she is up to? Amy wants them gone and Matt is all “You’re being a bitch because you’re dating! So lets break them all!”  

Amy is cool with that.

Zach and Matt discuss the farm and Matt notes how he’s been making a humongous contribution and he’s super proud of Zach and about fucking time you said that, Matt. Now if you could let Jeremy know  you’re not providing him a free home?

Matt wants the kids of Zach to swim in the pond and stuff. It’s nice to see Matt acknowledge Zach even though I worry it’s for the cameras.

Amy is off to her date. She’s wearing a fancy dress. Chris shows up, looking slick and nice. They’re off to Portland for a fancier date. Amy continues to marvel how she’s never considered dating an average height man. Chris wants more travel dates. Amy seems smitten and Chris is surprisingly sweet and open with her. He seems like a nice guy. I also note how nice it is that Chris had no kids so that’s not an issue.

Amy and Chris have a campfire on camera. There’s talk of stars and they SMOOCH! J It’s quite chaste but sweet and nice and now I want to smoosh them together.

Back at Zach and Tory’s place, Tory nervously hides her baby bump as she plots how to tell him about the obvious baby. Zach is flabbergasted that she’s knocked up and I kinda remember why I used to like this show. They’re very sweet together. Tory nicely sums up the dwarf baby issues with “we know it will happen and it’s ok”

They tell the grandparents on both sides with gifts to surprise them. Amy seems to react with “are you *shitting me*? Which I love as that is so my mom’s reaction. All the grandparents freak! Tory’s mom is all OMG! HUG HUG HUG! Matt weeps as does Tory Dad and it’s all so sweet.  Tory’s parents are so nervous on the haybale but sweet.

Now we’re never selling the farm because you know, kids. Matt now desperately wants the compound and Amy is now considering maybe leaving but everyone is delighted to be grandparents.


Episode Review written By Podge/Rodge Groupie


The Tarnished Couple drive up to the house. Amy claims she is surprised. Yeah, right. Not knowing they were coming. Whatever. Planning a birthday party for Amy with just the kids, except Molly and Jacob. Amy and Zach were doing pre-Pumpkin season inventory in the garage. Does anyone else notice that Zach is helping at the farm one helluva lot ore than the mighty Jer wants to be? Because if he wanted to be, he wouldn’t be living in Bend. Just saying. This scene sure makes the next scene a little awkward. Where did Auj disappear to? Doesn’t she get to go into the kitchen with Jer, seeing as they JUST got there? And I apologize for seeing a scene from a different angle, that stupid trebuchet is still there.

Zach and Matt. Zach flashed a look at the camera on the way into Matt’s office. I didn’t know they made BBQ sauce. He invites Matt to the small just-the-kids birthday party for Amy. Hey, why don’t WE get to see the party? Huh?

This week’s episode starts in Matt’s office. Uh, Matt, you’ve got your plan and/or scheme backwards again. The FIRST step is to apply for a Development Permit from the County for the new buildings. What the heck is the point of running it past the family, then finding out you can’t build what you want where you want? D’uh. I’m pretty sure by now the county is really tired of your crap, Matt. And Jeremy, much as your dad would like to think, the first step is not to convince you, you greedy pigheaded jerk. And enough with the ‘interesting dynamic’ BS. Please please come up with something else. Unawesome Jer outlines his overall schedule, but I’m wondering about the “Want a couple of years to NOT be on the farm”. Why? Might have to do some work? Learn something? Perish the thought.

Lisa (I called her Liz) shows up at Amy’s house. I guess there wouldn’t be much of a show if Amy talked to herself. Or haybaled and voice-over’d everything. Amy finally feels good about Amy. It’s nice to live without a boat anchor. Zach and Tori sit at home and have a leading conversation about kids, and how much they like them, and who is better with them, like this was taped before they knew. Yeah, right.

Matt describes for the first time to Amy his ‘plan’. This goes as predicted. One thing that Matt said in passing – when he’s describing the compounds, because of course the not-so-golden Couple get the big house (??) he tells Amy “You can have your own situation on YOUR tax lot.” What does that mean? Your tax lot. He speaks of ‘tax lots’. He didn’t say squat to Amy about subdividing anything. And, of course, in Matt’s condescending way speaks about Amy, “We need to go through every step. She doesn’t see the same thing I do.” As Amy said, she’s not stupid. Your schtick is getting so old, Matt.

Zach and Jer discuss ‘the plan’ at Zach’s house, probably because his living room is big enough for the crew. By the way, what is the timing of this? Not-so-awesome Jer said HE was driving back to Bend today. So, is he in Hillsboro by himself? Or does he not bother to mention Auj anymore? Jer mentioned earlier that he and Auj have a lot of work to finish in Bend. WHAT work, exactly? What is so important there that it cannot be done on the farm? Like online stuff? Hmmmmmmm? Zach and Tori are a no-go to move to the farm. At least they realize that everybody needs more time than succumbing to Matt ramming this idea down everybody’ throat? The best line of the episode is when Jer mentions that if he doesn’t train he next generation as in his two eldest, his whole legacy could fail. Uh, legacy? What legacy? Matt certainly does have a high opinion of his ‘extraordinary life’. Yeah, right.

Amy and Matt fight about the cameras. Matt tries to blow the whole thing out of proportion to make Amy look stupid. By the way, he sure did stumble and stutter through his explanation just like he did explaining ‘the plan’ to Amy. And to not-so-awesome Jer. Weird.

Matt has a moment out by the castle deciding on upgrades for the farm. Zach arrives on cue. Zach has helped lots on the farm this year. Not the Tarnished Boy. Zach. Matt heaps kudos on Zach. They reminisce about the past.

Amy and Chris go on a date. Amy, CLOSE THE DOOR? Everything goes swimmingly. Is that the usual campfire site? I thought it was out closer to the gazebo.

Tori sets up a camera to catch Zach’s reaction to the news. Zach misses it completely. Yawns. D’uh. It took awhile. He grabs her butt. The haybale showed how Zach is still a bit of a perfectionist. He wants to study and know everything, or as much as he can anyway. He used to overthink going on a date when he was younger. They were surprised it happened so soon. Zach, “Like, did we do things right?” Uh, Zach, it’s pretty simple. You just go without condoms like the ones Auj asked for in the sea can ‘bunker’. They have a party. Zach sums up his mom, “Yeah, she reacts by screaming obscenities.” Matt tried to make it all about himself by bursting into tears. No Tori, it’s not cute. It’s ridiculous. The Pattons seem genuine.

Matt tries to use the news to convince Amy about ‘the plan’. What the heck is up with the treehouse? That’s what we have to look at right now. That was a bit out of the blue. Amy rightly does not give and predictions about the future, because ti’s not here yet, and there has to be a question or two for season nausea, 12 I guess. And as in the finale of season six, they’re sitting in a mule, riding off into the sunset, with an unsure future and endless possibilities. Yeah, right.

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Jacob Roloff Writes 7 Page Letter to Brother About Book On Christianity

Yesterday, Jacob Roloff wrote a lengthy Instagram post regarding his thoughts on a book by his favorite author, Alan Watts. The book is entitled "Behold the Spirit: A Study In The Necessity Of Mystical Religion".

Jacob explains that he was "compelled to write a 7-page (!) letter, to my brother, about it."

Although Jacob does not clarify which brother he wrote the letter to (his followers asked him in the comments but Jacob rarely answers questions posted to him since he stopped using his account nearly two years ago), many are making the reasonable assumption it is Jeremy Roloff.

Jeremy is the most outspoken Roloff on social media regarding his Christian faith, often tweeting and retweeting Christian pastors, websites and public speakers about how Christianity and Christians are under attack over issues such as Christian business owners not being allowed to refuse their services to gay people.

Here is part of what Jacob wrote on Instagram:

jacobroloff45Well I've just finished my final book of the year, #30, and it was yet again a stunner from Alan Watts. It changed my perception and inspired me so much, I was compelled to write a 7-page (!) letter, to my brother, about it.
Generally put, it's about an opportunity for Christianity to stop isolating itself by being solely focused on morality—at all costs, while, at the same time, ignoring the inner (mystical) feeling that makes 'good' morality quite obvious and self-evident; thus creating a Christianity vs evil world complex that is nowadays misinterpreted as a War on Christianity. 

This opportunity is for Christianity—rather for individual Christians, since it isn't the doctrine but the perception of it that needs medicine—to look into the beneficial aspects of Far Eastern philosophies: Hinduism, Taoism, and Buddhism. .

Specifically highlighted by Watts is their well-developed conception of non-duality in the Divine Being—God, Brahman, Tao, or whatever other name it could be known as. Speaking of this non duality is parallel to and equally as difficult as speaking of what it was like before the beginning of the universe and existence; so he uses it as his first point of departure.

......For "Christianity has .. degenerated into a system of morality with only remote eschatological sanctions, and in practice is therefore a religion largely bereft of joy and power." But it's not too late to be saved, is his point of this book— because, "The Truth from which all the joy and power of Christianity proceeds [is] the truth of the Word made flesh—that the eternal life of God is given to man here and now in the 'flesh' of each moment's experience" and this understanding of the mystical experience of life is where Far Eastern religions greatly exceed our own.


Jacob publicly stating that he wrote a 7 page letter to someone in his family about a subject like religion is out of character for Jacob.

None of the Roloffs, Jacob and Jeremy included, have ever discussed each other's opinions or views publicly.

Back before Jacob stopped answering questions from his readers/followers, he once said on that he does not discuss religion with Jeremy because there is no point in starting an argument.

Jeremy (or his wife Audrey) has never publicly commented on Jacob's views on religion, even a couple of years ago when Jacob was more controversial in expressing his opinion such as when Jacob said the concept of "praying to a man in the sky" and thinking God is listening and granting or denying wishes is stupid and believing there is a Heaven and Hell is idiotic. Since that time though, Jacob's opinions on Christianity seemed to have mellowed. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Little People, Big World New Episode Tuesday December 27, 2016

Here is a discussion and review of the New Episode of Little People, Big World which aired Tuesday December 27, 2016 on TLC.


Review by Rap541

A bit sad about Carrie Fisher here. I was starting to worry when the family got so quiet and noncommittal. Sorta adore how she told us previously that no matter how she really died she wanted it known that she wanted her obituary to read “Drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra”. I’ll miss her, and I am not even a big Star Wars fan. On, and a really *interesting* good show on? Is Leah Remini – Scientology and the Aftermath! Highly recommend.

  On a rewatch, I love how Jeremy keeps insisting he “buried” the storage container and yet it’s still completely visible and above ground. In bonus scenes… Jeremy tells Zach how completely invisible the totally visible box is. The twins throw netting on it haphazardly and Matt screeches at them and haybales how stupid the twins are and how they aren’t taking it seriously. I continue to note how the windmill is stupid, and my prepper side notes that there’s nowhere near enough water storage in the bunker. It’s also revealed that the bunkbeds were made by farm staff so basically the twins are just goofing around playing fort. Oh hey, Audrey needs a book, handwarmers and *condoms*! Who in Christian families explained to their children what condoms were for? Next bonus scene – Matt plays with the porta potty while Amy points out that no one said they had to bring their own bedding. In other words, no one, namely Matt,  has really explained the concept of pre-positioning gear. From a prep standpoint… um… the box isn’t camouflaged at all; the blue color and shape stands out. During the test, they leave the doors to the box open with the lights on so anyone foraging can see it. They park the atvs in front of the box with NO camouflage. Oh more bonus scenes – there’s a dinner situation. Amy heats an MRE. Amy, it’s really not that hard. If illiterate 18-year-old soldiers can heat up an MRE… this is just sad.

Now they’re installing a throne chair into the castle… again. It’s a nice chair. I question the wisdom of putting it in the castle, because it seems pretty nice and the castle is essentially outdoors. Matt notes how he needs to hide the purchase from Amy because it was a business purchase he didn’t consult her on. Amy completely spots them and she agrees with me that the castle already had a throne and she also notes that no one goes in the castle. Amy is also irritated by Matt and Jeremy’s jewels talk. Amy makes some good points about the spending on toys and how Matt indulges himself. Then Matt reveals that it’s a business purchase. Oh, and yes, there was already a throne.

Zach and Tory like their home. But there’s a hole in the deck and it looks rickety. Actually, it looks pretty bad. Zach decides to call a contractor to fix it. They discuss the new deck and what that would cost.

Matt is at the local auction. Matt notes how Amy is against the auction. Matt proceeds to buy a lot of wooden furniture. Matt again notes how Amy is a pain about money and how he’s spending farm business money on the auctions and Amy can look at the books if she wishes.

Amy and Audrey chat about fitness. Auj is in French braids, channeling Pippi Longstocking, and they do stretchy ballet yoga. Amy tells Auj about her upcoming motorcycle date with Chris. Amy is totally excited and Auj is like “IS THIS A DATE?” and Amy notes that it’s a bit awkward. Auj is clearly miffed with the dating.

So, Matt’s bought more stuff and is again openly noting on camera how he’s going to hide it all and lie to her and how damn awesome it is to hide how he spends money from Amy. There’s antiqueish items unloaded.
Amy nervously answers a phone call from her new man Chris. He wants to go riding with Amy! He’s worried about safety and foot placement. Amy is struck by how nice it is to have a man give a shit about her personal safety and opinions.

Meanwhile at Zach and Tory’s – they’re deck building! Zach notes it’s expensive but a nice improvement. Zach likes watching others build stuff.

Amy does yoga stretching and then notes that Matt is auditioning for Hoarders out in one of the barns. There’s some nice stuff but a lot of metal chairs and junky looking stuff as well. Amy hales Matt down and is all “WTF?”
Matt is all “That’s my stuff!” – there’s an argument about stuff and Matt notes in the haybale how Amy is stupid and has no idea how awesome the stuff is and how important his hoard is. He wants to be compensated for his auction time. She’s annoyed he is not watching his spending. Truthfully, a lot of this seems staged but I would direct Jeremy to watch his father note publicly on camera how he hides his spending from Amy and lies to her and maybe comment on how he feels about his father’s actions. I mean, it’s funny how Jeremy doesn’t chide his dad for not sharing the finances and not sitting down once a week, come hell or high water and have himself a navigator’s council with Amy to make sure things are on track. Funny that, that Jeremy won’t insist on his father having honesty in the finances.

Old West town looks like crap. Amy expresses concern that Matt is diddling around fixing things so soon after his surgery. Amy is looking for her atv helmet and Matt is all “Is this a motorcycle date?” Amy notes how this is terribly awkward.
Now Matt is taking a family on a tour – one of the kids is blind and it’s a sweet moment.
Matt is in the double wide and Jer and Zach get together. They have pizza and discuss Amy’s dating. Jeremy is horrified of the motorcycle date – I respectfully point out that I suspect Jeremy’s motorcycle riding might also upset his mom, particularly since he’s had accidents with his wife with it – and yet I suspect Jeremy wouldn’t agree to not do the motorcycle riding he does if his mom asked. Because he’s an adult and can make his own choices… and Jer? Your mom is an adult as well, and doesn’t need your permission to do anything.

There’s a LOT of commercials in this.

So, Amy is nervously waiting for her fella. It’s some sort of biggish cycle – I know nothing about bikes – and Chris has nicely set the bike up for Amy to be comfortable. Jer and Auj wander in. Auj’s shorts are almost just panties, they’re so short and tight. Jeremy is clearly so pissed in the haybale and in the scene as he pretty openly scowls at Chris. In the car on their way off the property both Jer and Auj look pissed.

Yup, in the car Jer and Auj discuss how pissed they are. They’re all so concerned about how riding a bike is physical touching and now we know why they like  *Jeremy’s* motorcycle, heh heh heh.

Amy and Chris do a little tame ride, I mean this is hardly a Hells Angels thing. Oh they go to a restaurant and talk and while I do think this is staged, Chris seems like a nice enough guy. He’s never married. She’s having a beer while he seems to be doing lemonade. Good choice for on camera moments. Amy is all “I’m open to average height guys”.  Amy is all “we had a real conversation!” Sometimes it’s a little sad how easy it is to please Amy. It says a great deal about her marriage.

At Zach and Tory’s house, there’s a new deck. Zach is all “I might not be Jer or Dad but look, an actual completed project. Hiring a contractor works!” Tory is all “it’s not falling apart!”. It’s a nice deck and I am curious if they will use the underside as well.

Meanwhile, out riding the hog… Amy is returned home without being sold to white slavers or being forced to whore herself for meth. That seems to be some peoples understand of biker culture. Amy invites Chris in for a drink. Not sure I think the *entire* thing is staged – I think Amy could shit care less how Matt spends his own money, and as much as I think Matt enjoys snotting to the camera how he lies to his ex about money, it felt like a put on. I *hope* the Chris thing isn’t a put on for the cameras, because Amy frankly isn’t a good enough actress to make me think it’s all a put on… And Jer and Auj *really* aren’t good at faking it which means they were genuinely pissed.

Well, maybe they pulled over and fucked for Jesus on the way home - I kind of adore how Auj and Jer are all “OMG they might touch!” and yet advise people on their website to sex it up as often as they can, even if it means pulling over on the road for a quickie.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Molly Roloff Engaged

The Roloffs have been announcing today on social media that Molly Roloff is now engaged to her boyfriend Joel.

Amy Roloff posted a photo to her Instagram with Molly and her ring.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Little People, Big World: New Episode December 20, 2016

Here is a review of the latest episode of Little People, Big World which aired December 20th, 2016 on TLC featuring the Roloff.

Review written by Rap541

I am waiting on extra scenes. I have an odd question for Audrey – if she loves curly hair so much that she gleefully describes her hair as afro curly but she is constantly wearing extensions that are straight hair. Oh bonus scene! Rick has come out to be Matt’s illustrator. Rick does comics. The plot of the book sounds like every vague rant Matt has done on how his ass needs to be kissed since he survived his bitter painfilled isolated childhood where he was always the picked on victim.

So now the bonus scene is Amy and Jeremy setting up the tents and it’s a disaster. Isn’t Jeremy supposed to be a master woodsman, camper extraordinaire? Let’s watch as Jeremy crashes and burns.

Oh yay! Matt is doing Doomsday Preppers! Because the prep movement needs this. So Amy is cleaning the pool and Matt is screaming on the walkie how there’s an emergency and Matt demands everyone get on the ATV and then begins lecturing them all on how its not a real emergency but he and Jeremy have a plan to plan for emergencies.

Amy rationally notes that the walkies are silly when they have cell phones. Jeremy loves the “prepper box” and the end of the world. Oh Jeremy, in the post apocalypse, you’ll so be someone’s bitch. Matt wants the family to conjugate in the prepper box in the woods. I meanwhile note that Matt is telling us and showing us all where the Roloff prepper box will be. Jeremy is all “Auj didn’t wan’t to be a part of this .” Matt keeps assigning it to Jeremy, and Tory meanwhile is all “this is basically how we will die, in a Blair Witch sequel”.

Matt natters on in a meeting with the family about stockpiling. Amy notes that pumpkin season is coming but Matt is all “screw that! This is my opportunity to be King Shit of the Prepper Box!”

Honestly this already feels disrespectful to legit preppers. And its noticeable that no one seems to have a reasonable idea of what prepping is.

Matt is all about his list of essentials and wants to have an emergency practice. Amy is against it and Matt boots her and she notes how this is already turning into the walking dead. Apparently they’re going to ring a bell and they all have to raise to the box. Matt is stocking the prepper box with beef jerky, brie and salami. He also wants a ton of guns and curtain to cover the bucket they will squat in. Since they won’t film the squatting, I think it’s a lie. It’s also very very noticeable that Audrey isn’t there at all and apparently won’t be participating.

Matt thinks its totally productive.  They go to an army navy store and start trying on helmets. Honestly its so fucking ridiculous, its hard to recap as Zach tries on flight suits. Now there’s a shipping container and Jeremy thinks its too big. Jeremy thinks burying it is clever. Except that as we see, it’s not actually buried.  But the episode is still young.  I just suspect that the storage container will have some dirt and netting thrown on it. Let’s see.

Molly makes an appearance. She is offered a mimosa and pumpkin bread by Amy, and is excited about the new job. Amy brags about her parties and Molly’s new motorcycle riding step daddy.  Amy basically implies that the whole prepper thing is a ridiculous project and Molly is like “oh jeez”. She heads out to see Matt in the men’s crisis center and demands answers. Matt takes her to the creepy dungeon in the woods. Because all farms need a creepy storage container in the woods. Matt is worried about ISIS and zombies. So the “underground storage unit” is actually totally above ground. Molly worries about practical concerns like “is the bunkbed thing actually secure”.

The box is completely open and visible. I mean, it’s a blue metal box sitting in the woods. 

Amy has all sorts of canned goods and Matt notes how impossible it will be to heat food and really, no, that’s actually not true. Survival shelters CAN and DO have cooking features IF YOU BOTHER TO PUT THEM IN. If you just dump a storage container onto your property and treat it like a play house then I agree, cooking in it is kind of dumb. But the point here is that its actually possible to create a liveable prepper shelter. Jeremy, in his idiocy, is correct when he states that he and Matt are basically playing “fort”. Because they are.

Matt rants how Amy isn’t getting it and how he needs a “thinking table”. Jeremy meanwhile is setting childish booby traps. Jeremy calls Audrey because even though she’s not coming, he wants to stock it for her. She of course wants condoms! Because that’s who Audrey is!

The box is covered with netting? No, there’s a wall of netting. Amy is also against the chemical toilet. Now they wait for the test to begin. Tory is coming, Audrey isn’t. Amy reminisces over the remodel. Oh I love it – they all get to the box and turn on the lights and leave open the doors with the lights on. Matt notes how serious he is about it by putting on a mini ghillie suit. Zach opens the canned food. Amy yells they need rationing.
Oh look Audrey turned up and Tory is taking her out to the storage container and the shelter is totally lit up and I seriously question the real reality of including the dogs. But then this is clearly a farce to the whole family, its basically letting Matt and Jeremy pretend to be men. I mean seriously, they’re actually grunting.

Tory and Audrey are wandering out and trigger a booby trap that…. Makes noise. Oh Jeremy, do you watch The Walking Dead? Do you know why Camp Dinner Bell is called Camp Dinner Bell? Auj thinks it’s a cute “underground” home. The doors are locked. Also apparently there’s no silverware so everyone has to eat with their hands. Then everyone needs to go to bed. Then Zach needs the toilet. Matt then gets all “I have anxiety”. At 1am Sully or Zach farts.

Then everyone gets up and btw the storage container is totally not buried or concealed at all. Ok so here’s the thing. I am so not against preppers. I prep. I thinking prepping is, when you’re not being an idiot about it, a good idea. The basic objection I have to the prepper storage container is that its not concealed, it clearly has no source of water, and it clearly isn’t off the grid. Oh  and Jer’s booby traps are basically booby brained little boy ideas that he smirked over. This was basically Matt and buddy Jer taking a great big shit on the concept and making prepping for disaster look like a bunch of idiots being stupid.  Worse, they clearly were mocking the concept which means they are even lower than the idiots on Doomsday Preppers and Doomsday Castle.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Little People, Big World New Episode Dec 13 - Review

Here is a discussion and review of the new episode of Little People, Big World featuring the Roloff family which aired on TLC Tuesday December 13th, 2016.


Review written by Rap541

Also Alan Thicke died. That’s sad. I liked him on Growing Pains.

Bonus scene is some sort of project for Audrey showing Amy how to do barre3 and Jeremy making a barre for Amy. I see why it didn’t make the cut. Next bonus scene is Zach bringing Matt an exercise  bike for Matt. Matt seems to like it. I for one am genuinely happy if that helps him.

So Matt, first up, you need to stop praising yourself for living on the same property as your ex because first, you really don’t have to. Second, I know people who divorced and continued living in the same *house*. You’re not that pretty and you’re not that special, Matt.

Amy is making food and pondering how she’s in the big house alone. What will Amy do? Amy harps on how she was denied work as a little person. Apparently this is the bed and breakfast idea episode.

We see farm animals that I assume Ryan takes care of since they are still alive. Matt is all about his life changing revelations. Oh look, we get the panorama of Matt’s pain filled horror show of a childhood where he cried out to God for relief and never was cured. He wants to write a children’s book. 

Apparently the book is about his dog. Zach is reasonably supportive.

Amy skypes with Audrey and Pine. Amy wants to do a B&B with tents. Audrey loves “glamping” and notes how this is what she and Jer do. Amy asks Auj for help. Auj doesn’t actually commit but… Amy tosses the B&B idea at Matt and Matt totally shits on it. He gets in the haybale how fucking stupid it is. He then publicly chides her for her stupidity. In the haybale he notes how its not a good business model and it’s more work for him but he “doesn’t want to discourage Amy” even tho he pretty openly shits on the idea.

Jer and Auj drove up from Bend to help! Auj looks like a ragbag, oddly, as does Jer. Amy wants a fire pit and tents and int eh haybales , Auj and Jer look much less petulant and hung over. Jer notes that he feels the area for the guests is too sacred. Jer apparently wants the b&B tents basically in a shitty field rather than the sacred area. 

Two days to the B&B. Amy trusts Auj’s style. In this haybale Auj looks more put together and of course Auj notes how she and Jer want to live on the farm, own the farm, and create businesses on the farm. Auj, you’re kissing the wrong person’s ass.

Matt is recovering and checking on the pumpkins! Amy tells Matt the B&B is happening. Matt notes in the haybale again how he thinks this is a total shit idea and stupid. Matt is also worried about people just wandering around the property. Matt hates it and is working on his children’s book. He wonders if Amy has done the math on B&B’s. I wonder if he’s done the math on vanity based children’s books.

Jer and Zach are getting chopped wood and discussing how cool Amy has gotten.

Now Tori and Matt? Go out because its weird and awkward. Matt immediately asks about the grand children. Matt then turns to his children’s book idea and how he worries about underdogs and adversity and his dog Lucy and its funny because I have a friend who is doing a totally similar thing. Tori equates it to her job and wants Matt to read to her kids.

It’s the day of the event and tents are being set up! There’s tents and Jeremy and Auj note how this is basically all about their own personal interest in owning the farm and taking over the farm. Amy checks everything out. As someone who reads Jer and Auj’s blog, I question how people will fuck for Jesus on separate cots.  Zach is all is the food done? Amy freaks.

There’s drama over the wine glasses. Amy takes people to the cool tents.

Meanwhile at the library, Matt is telling stories to kids and they are basically much more involved with themselves. They’re clearly Tori’s students. Matt tells a story about Lucy the tiniest dog and Tori picks up the whole “This is really Matt and how Matt was tortured by his awful childhood. The kids are polled and of course they love the idea because they are five and they are Tori’s class.

Meanwhile at the B&B, DINNER IS RUNNING LATE! The guests are restless. I mostly don’t care.

So dinner is super late and Jeremy has no idea what utensils are to be used. They seem to be at the windmill and maybe not. Auj notes how Amy fucked up in polite passive aggressive tones. Meanwhile it seems to go well. Amy checks back and notes there will be a bonfire.

Jer notes how this is an Amy progression. Personally I think they will have problems with land use laws but it does seem fun. Amy asks for feedback. Someone recommends the obvious – running water.

Amy tells Matt how she enjoyed it. Matt seems to hate it and also hates the children’s book idea. Matt notes how resilient little people are and how Tori will be  a good mom. Amy notes how Tori and Auj will be good moms “in their own way”. Yeah that’s interesting.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Little People, Big World New Episode Dec 6th, 2016

Here is a review and discussion of the new episode of Little People, Big World, featuring the Roloff family, which aired on Tuesday December 6, 2016 on TLC.

Review written by Rap541


Hey if anyone needs a good show to watch, “A Crime To Remember” On ID Discovery is really good.
Bonus scene one is Tory and Zach visiting Dad in the doublewide and Dad notes how nice it would be if Zach would help out by doing more chores. Zach mentions how they are happy to help and also are heading off to do the marriage celebration thing. Oh look, Matt drama queening for the camera how he needs to check on the pumpkins.
Jeremy wanders in for a bonus scene with Amy.  Amy is laying it all how about Matt’s health and Jeremy mostly stares blankly.
Amy asks “has that boy been good?” to Tori in such a way that I was kinda guffawing.
Anyway new episode.  Amy and new friend Deb who dates and wants Amy to have dates. Deb thinks Amy should date the guy from the painting class. But there’s also Chris! Amy is so happy and alive! She wants to have friends over and have a party. I bet this doesn’t go over well.
Now we have Jeremy slowly taking Matt around the farm. Matt wants cameras placed all around the camera. Like sixty or seventy and Jeremy is more like “maybe ten”. Btw the windmill was never turned into the cool bar thing that was origanlly envisioned.
So Jer and Auj are having dinner.  They talk about Matt and Auj is like “can he even walk?” and I am kinda surprised she has no idea. Tory wants to have a game night at Matt’s and to ask Amy to attend. Everyone seems to think this is a terrible idea.
Amy crosses to the double wide to talk to Matt about the business/farm/pool. She wants the pool fixed and he wants creepy cameras installed. Amy hates the camera idea. Matt snidely notes in the haybale confessional that Amy doesn’t *really* handle the farm and is wrong.
Tory and Zach head to Amy’s to ask her to attend the game night at the double wide.  Amy is all “I hesitated” and seems to feel bad but also past it. She wants to let Matt have his little sanctuary at the double wide.
Jer and Auj are soon to leave but Jeremy is installing cameras wherever Matt wants. Matt is all “If Jeremy is involved, Amy won’t bitch”.
Auj cheerfully notes how she hasn’t bothered to see Matt since before his surgery. She checks out Matt’s scar. Amy feels weird, she doesn’t want to make it awkward. She decides to go. Jeremy immediately offers her wine. They play a weird game. It’s sort of silly but Matt immediately pulls a bitch face and says its disgusting. Matt runs off to his room to shut down the evening. I suspect Matt is beginning to see the downside of divorcing his wife. Matt notes that he apparently only expected the kids and is annoyed.
The game is basically kinda stupid. Its also painfully awkward.
Next up, Amy has zuchinni and Matt rolls up on the mule, and Amy notes how he shouldn’t be in. Amy is having a major pool party. Its painfully awkward.
Amy notices that there’s cameras and Matt never actually told her that the cameras would be installed. Matt insists that there’s no cameras on her house or yard. They argue, Amy thinks its crazy. I’m inclined to agree and to add that Matt’s control freakery is in play.
Zach comes over for the pool party clean up. Zach powerwashes things and notes that it’s an adult party. Amy has Lisa and Deb over to prep for the party and is weirded out. Amy has a ton of bathing suits!
Amy is having some sort of dish to pass party and guys come on motorcycles and this is all so suddenly HOT. Meanwhile Ryan, the new Camerino, is helping Matt ship cases of salsa because you know, everyone has done a total shit job taking care of the farm and leaving it all for Matt to handle.
Bob brought Amy a sort of large Jenga game. And there’s like huge in in the pool with adults my age being silly and its actually kinda nice to see a show not be so totally twenty something orientated. Amy and Chris the sorta biker are hitting it off! Amy is actually really happy for a change and there’s a live band? That’s a hell of a party. Oooh Chris is actually asking her out.  And the party seemed pretty fun.
Amy and Zach debrief the next day over the party and whether she is dating – she says no but… Zach seems to be very supportive of her dating. He haybales that it’s weird but his comments are very supportive.
I sense the impending doom ☺

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New Little People, Big World Episode Nov 29, 2016

Here is a review of the new episode of Little People, Big World featuring the Roloff family which aired last night on TLC.


Review By Rap541

Ah the rerun before the new episode. I find it hilarious that Amy uses the upstairs banister as a drying rack/random clothes hanging area. It’s also just sad that Amy intentionally reaches out to Matt to ask him what she needs to know about the farm and he pointedly dismisses her. Such a good guy. In the spirit of pointing out weird contrived stuff, am I the only one not buying the whole “we bought a bed that does cool stuff and its literally been sitting in it’s box for years” routine.

In a bonus scene, Amy chats with her frien Lisa. They exchange tidbits about the kids. Amy seems to not be expecting grandchildren. In a bonus scene we have Matt suffering. There’s also a bonus scene of Matt and Zach chatting on the phone, While I don’t think Zach bore the load of the farm while Matt was away, at least he showed up. Oh and not only did Jeremy miss out on stepping up to take on the farm while Matt was away, he also managed to absent himself from the tragedy of Camerino leaving. But these things were likely hard, and if it’s hard, then Jeremy finds something more fun to do. Point – I think Matt’s so upset about Camerino leaving because at the end of the day, who was helping Daddy Matt out of the van on his return from the hospital. Lil hint – it was the deported Mexican and not the precious golden son. I think per instragram, Jeremy was finding it much more important to check out bed and breakfasts with Audrey in the south.  Oh and people who bitch? Jeremy actually says he hadn’t been to the farm in a month and hadn’t seen his dad since before the surgery.

So Amy was about to drop a bomb, a letter bomb, on Matt. And the previously bits totally reveal that there’s been some sort of fuck up with the farm’s water rights. Not sure why we’re bothering with the dramatics… and this is seriously a complete redo of the last five minutes of the prior episode. Matt does note that if he’s not careful, he could still be paralyzed. But the farm needs him! Because god knows Jeremy isn’t stepping up.

Basically they are ordered to not use their well because their permits aren’t in order. Amy and Matt both commiserate that crap is being pulled.

Meanwhile Zach and Tory are happily married. Tori is teaching and Zach is now head coach at the gym place. They want to do something fun for their anniversary but Zach worries about leaving Dad alone while still recovery. Oh, now Zach is doing one of the private tours. There’s a lot of nattering about the tours and then Zach leaves the guests on the private tour to tend to Matt being an asshole as Matt is now getting into his Mule to ride around because he just has to!

Because this isn’t ridiculous. (rolls eyes)

Matt justifies his selfish stupid behavior with how he NEEDS to see the farm. Zach is all “ I will call Jeremy”.
Amy meanwhile is back to getting into shape.  I find it hilarious that Amy of the cookbook can’t even use the blender. Amy then makes a smoothie for Andre the Giant and somehow adds maple syrup. Yeah um….
Jeremy shows up for an afternoon of filming. The western town is like…. Completely covered with rotten apples. They chitchat about how the first year of marriage is good and how lazy they are. Jeremy agrees to cover for Zach when Zach takes Tory away.

Now Bill is the new Mike/Sven/Camerino. Matt pleads and whines for Bill to drive him around the farm to see how everything is dying. Matt’s not supposed to leave the house but sure enough now we’re driving Matt around the farm. There’s dying pumpkin plants everywhere… except that the field being looked at seems to be like, three rows of pumpkin plants in an otherwise completely empty plowed brown dirt field.

Now Jeremy and Zach are watering a small patch of pumpkins while Matt harps at them on a loudspeaker.

Amy and Tory chat and Amy asks what they are up to. Tory has planned to take Zach to the hotel they went to on their wedding night. Amy doesn’t remember what she did on their first anniversary and thinks its great the kids have passion. Tory and Amy do seem to get along well.

Zach and Tori have a lot of crap in their garage and drive a mom van. Amy has a friend over and they’re drinking vodka for their diets? Interesting. Amy worries about her health and wants to maintain her body. 

New friend Divorcee is all “lets get you a man!”. Amy is all “what is dating like now?”

On the Zach and Tory tour. They go to the beach from the movie Goonies, I think. Interestingly, Tory is all “this first year hasn’t been a battle or a nightmare where we have to fight for our marriage daily”.  Hehe.

Now Zach and Tory are camping. Zach is all “I want kids but lets wait a year” and Tory is all “but I have baby fever”. And Zach nicely sums up the reality that Matt spent more time working than being a dad and Amy resented it and they had kids right away and that’s all they ever focused on instead of each other. Hmm… why aren’t Zach and Tory doing a marriage blog?

Amy is dating and feeling under-confident. Matt is doing therapy and continues to harp on how he could be paralyzed and yet he’s also freaking out over the farm.

Amy is off to some artsy Portland date scene. Amy is as always worried that she’s the shortest in the room and is intimidated. Amy’s friend is all “everyone is single! Go grab some cock!” But Amy is scared and worried about protocol. Amy, just put your hand on the guy’s lap. Now the date leader is all “Match up! Paint stuff! Go home with your new partner!”

Tory and Zach are in the van and now because he’s getting irritable, she springs how 'we’re not going home, Zach, we’re going to the streets of Portland to score some heroin'.

Amy gets hooked up with a man. He seems nice. The Bob Ross imitator is fun. Amy’s new man is slopping it on. Amy seems a little drunk on this date and seems to think the Mona Lisa is in Italy. Then they start painting each other and then writhe with sexual heat. Or alcohol, it’s hard to say.

Zach and Tory get a nice hotel room. Tory totally has baby fever. Amy sent a cake topper for them to eat.
Now there’s a miracle of rain! Except that we really never got an idea of what happened with the water to begin with. I mean,  it was all so quiet. This sort of thing doesn’t really sneak up on you.